Silent distance

Sometimes it seems as if you stand in you own way.

Do not know forward or back.

Do not know - whither?

Just standing there.

Thoughts? Why?

Standing in front of a giant grid and does not know, through what opening goes the way back into life, into the familiar environment.

You try all possibilities through .... comes not far ---

-return to the beginning ....

But were the wrong attempts for nothing?

At that moment everyone is convinced of this unsuccessful attempt.

But when you get back ...

- think about your situation -

You will notice that you could never have done it without these little stumbling blocks.

Why give up if you are in difficulties?

Without these moments you would not understood yourself.

You would not understand anything,

- you would be uncertain.

Too uncertain to find the right path

And to go with him with all his strength and courage.

Then, you stand in the middle,

- The "normal" life again before eyes.

Suddenly -

A falling, sinking, giving up ...

Doubt, anxiety-

Fear of having to start again from the beginning makes itself wide.




- Think twice -

These ways, which are so difficult for you,

are never in vain .............




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    Carmen (Thursday, 04 January 2018 22:31)

    So beautiful and true