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The individual happiness


Everyone, including you, has certain conditions or beliefs that determine what happiness is for you, me, and others. For some, the value of luck is more in having material assets, such as having a lot of money, having great cars, or being able to do whatever you want on your own. No matter which part of the earth you are on right now. I myself am a very freedom-loving person. That's why I'm very much in the mood for not following every crap on the heels. You probably think now: Stop!


For me, part of the definition of happiness is when I'm allowed to accompany people. Do you know that, have you ever seen a radiant face, saw the shining eyes and you could perceive with all your senses, the message has arrived. This always touches me in the depths of my being and with nothing in the world to balance. Do you need much material to enjoy? Later on more about what joins joy and happiness.


For others, for example, the definition of happiness is when the family and friends are well together. It is important to be healthy, to stay as well as to find partners for life. Man (n) can certainly enumerate much more. But, what I wanted to point out to you is that everyone, even me, has a specific frame for it.


Is that really luck?



Do we even know what happiness is when everyone has their own definition of it? And can it be really lucky if it is only a little while and the moment coincides with our conditions? I have really thought about that, what is happiness and what is not. Sure, I am happy that my family is doing well, etc. At some point I was at a point where the insight came that happiness can only be luck if it is stable, right? Emotional high-altitude flights can not be it because usually shortly after the crash follows. And then it's over, luck.


On my journey to me, I was able to discover a lot, that there are two pages, for example. Two sides of truth. The one truth is simply easy to understand and to apply to everything always the same, because this truth has no conditions, and neither does. And one of my goals is to get there. The definition of happiness must be the same for love as it is for pleasure. Because in truth, being happy is an ongoing process and not a changeable thing that can change everything in seconds. The other side of truth is a truth that can not really make you happy. It is based on your beliefs, principles and conditions.


Conditions do not make you happy



Conditions do not make happy, that I was allowed to learn really long and above all extensively. Your beliefs and conditions determine how you feel, period. So, luck is tied to the conditions you set. It's like love, true love is free. She does not limit and does not need any conditions for her to be what she is. And how are your conditions worth someone or something of your love? Take your time and think about it.


There was something else with happiness and joy. Almost forgotten!



Yes, happiness and joy, as well as love have one thing in common, they spring from the same source and that means again that love, joy and happiness are the same and you can not experience them apart from each other. Thus, happiness is an awareness that can be achieved automatically when you are ready to throw your terms and beliefs overboard. Become aware that behind the beliefs and the conditions set there is a lot of fear asking to be redeemed.


How to promote happiness and joy.



You could answer that by yourself as well. You know best what is really good for you, right? If you are dealing with things that make you happy, then the little EGO thing will give you peace. Anything that takes you away from yourself leads to a lack of joy, and as a result, your happiness will continue to decrease. That's why it's important that you pay attention to yourself. Do not just take care of good food and exercise, but take care of your thoughts. You alone are responsible for how you feel.


To bring more joy into your life to become happy, learn techniques that will calm your mind. That leads to inner peace. Peace is the basis for all the good and the most important component for joy, knowledge, self-knowledge and healing. You can only achieve this by following a path that disposes of everything that does not pay rent and that includes anger, doubt, grief and fear. Be aware that positive / good thoughts can lead to good and inspiring actions and thus bring good things into your life. Watch how you treat yourself and others as you treat them. If you observe this, then you can easily see for yourself how you handle it.


Do you know what happens when you throw a boomerang? He comes back. And it is the same in life, everything you give out, no matter if it's bad or not, it comes back to YOU. That's why the calm and peaceful mind offers you all the possibilities to be happy.


My conclusion on the definition of happiness


Now I've put everything in words what I thought spontaneously for the definition of happiness. Of course I'm happy about work, money in the account and that I and my family are doing well. Nevertheless, I am happy if everything changes, as it was planned. That's called life! My luck is that I can throw more and more beliefs overboard, and thus more peace can spread in me and around me. That's what I work for first and foremost. You should be clear about it, many things must come so that we can grow. Much and that is the majority, we have it in our hands, so take good care of yourself! How much luck do you really have in reality?



Take care, Arven





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