The secret of karmic intelligence

A 13-year-old girl from Croatia wakes from a 24-hour coma in 2010 and then speaks fluent German - instead of her native Croatian. The scientifically unclear phenomenon that humans suddenly dominate foreign languages after coma states is not new. Around 60 cases worldwide are said to be affected by the so-called "foreign language accent syndrome" (FAS). There are even cases in which patients of long-extinct languages became powerful, reaching as far as ancient Egypt. This phenomenon is a kind of "karmic intelligence". The soul immerses in the vibration of another incarnation, old language skills are activated and brought into the waking consciousness. Our known linear time is just a human construct, different dimensions and times exist in parallel - and can also be influenced!


Karmic intelligence is also the basis of all potential for our future



In our subtle bodies are stored all the information that we have collected since the existence of our soul on earth, so such phenomena as the sudden speaking of a foreign language or the speaking of the native language with a foreign dialect are due to "former" incarnations. That all-encompassing cosmic information stored in our own field of consciousness makes our soul what we are human in the present incarnation. Even though we humans are essentially "guided" by the (conditioned) mind out of this life, we only take our mental needs and characteristics into account. Our soul can only be felt through the heart, our minds over our heads. At the moment it is still "sick" in our world in an overdose of mind / mind, which, however, takes so much outrage that the reversal to the balance must be made inevitably (= cosmic dialectics).


A coma state "mixes" the memories of the different lives with the present ones through the unplanned overlapping of the different subtle layers. So, unlike in the case of near-death experiences, when people are almost unanimously told, they often experience fateful insights that from then on turn them into "other" people. Insights that should somehow affect people in a targeted way to question life more precisely and, if necessary, to change it. But even without coma states, all incarnations fall back on our present existence. With many advantages, but possibly also with some disadvantages, if certain blockades from certain past lives have not yet been redeemed. The karmic intelligence is eternal and can also be changed for the better as we 'free' ourselves and all those involved in karma with acceptance, clarity, serenity, demarcation, and forgiveness.


"The wondrous potential of any karmic relationship is to grow together to develop more and more awareness, love, and self-esteem."



Of course, Deja-vu's are also concrete references to a particular incarnation, as well as the magical power of attraction to a certain person that we can not explain. When one becomes infatuated with these relationships, complications often follow, because then past karmic entanglements can come up, which one should definitely clarify. One of the purposes of the soul plan is to heal karmically charged relationships with other souls, and so these types of encounters with particular souls are not accidental but preprogrammed! A great chance for healing.


Attracted by medieval markets and old castles?



But it is equally possible that we have brought (nature) talents, talents, and abilities from previous incarnations into our present lives, which may be considered by outsiders as unusual. So-called "child prodigies", who are able to play an instrument, sing or paint at an early age. It does not even have to be a miracle if we just have certain things in our blood that we like to do with great ease. Perhaps we discover a passion in ourselves only in later years, when we feel an interest or a longing for certain activities, maybe playing bagpipes or whetting knives, through a certain stimulus. Also various aversions against certain things can originate from past life, for example a dislike of water due to almost drowning?


This is sometimes why many people are so attracted to medieval markets, old towns, castles and old customs and traditions. It brings back memories that are still energetically effective on a very deep level! If you think about the cruel time of witch-hunts, where many women and even men died at a very young age, the longing for those old places may be related to being there during your lifetime because of the violent and often unexpected Death could simply spend too little lifetime.





Immerse yourself in the field of karmic intelligence


In order to recognize and resolve blockages, it is possible to consciously immerse oneself in the expressive emotions, situations or life circumstances of his previous lives. Of course, these were not always nice, on the contrary. Especially in the Middle Ages and in the two world wars many souls experienced dramatic and terrible events, whose karmic energy field still unconsciously works in the subtle bodies. Especially traumatic experiences or shocking causes of death can unconsciously influence our emotions. And therefore has rather unpleasant effects such as diseases, money problems, sleep difficulties, relationship problems, etc.! Alone with the intention of diving into the field of karmic intelligence and gaining insights into past lives, it is possible to heal severe stressful blockages. Maybe it's a dream that gives answers, a book that is read by accident or a miraculous encounter with a human being. Through feedback and meditation important images and insights can be gained and problems can be solved.


In the religious community of the Druze (about 200,000 people in Syria / Lebanon) it is a tradition that toddlers are questioned about their past lives. The doctrine of rebirth was also an integral part of the Christian religion until the 5th century, even though the church vehemently denies it. At the Council of Constantinople in the 6th century, it was decided in the spirit of Emperor Justitian to banish the belief in reincarnation from the Christian teachings completely and delete them from the religious books. But you forgot some passages! For the Bible contains some passages that indicate that Jesus Christ spoke of rebirth, as in Matthew 17: 10-13:


"Then the disciples asked him: Why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come? He answered: Yes, Elijah is coming and he will restore everything. But I say to you: Elijah has already come, but they did not recognize him, but did what they wanted with him. Likewise, the Son of Man will suffer through them. Then the disciples understood that he spoke of John the Baptist. "


The following questions can help determine if past incarnations are working - and / or "blocking" life in any way:


  •  Were you in a place that seemed familiar to you for the first time?
  •  Do you have certain (nature) talents or do you find it easy to learn certain things easily (music,   languages, sports, hobbies ...)?
  •  Have you ever met a person who immediately made you feel familiar?
  •  Do you always encounter the same obstacles in your life?
  • Are there any stressful relationships with people in your family or in your immediate social   environment?
  •  Do you feel like you have a certain "theme" that is very stressful for you?




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