What animals mean as a symbol in the dream

Dream interpretation, animals as a symbol


The importance of animals as a symbol in a dream can hardly be determined in a generally binding way. A true interpretation of dreams ultimately depends not least on the particular animal, since their nature is quite different. That e.g. a tiger has a meaning other than a mouse, right? Added to this is the individually different meaning to be considered for each symbol. Depending on the culture, personality and life story, this refers to the different relationship of the dreaming to the dream symbol, whether to animals or others. This central tenet of dream interpretation is one of several reasons why a dream encyclopaedia can not replace personal, competent dream counseling.


Some examples from the realm of animals to the idea of individuality, so the personal reference to each symbol:


  • Anyone who grew up as a foster child and has had  a dog, has experienced such a thing as love, loyalty and reliability. The dog in a dream certainly has a different meaning than in parts of the world where dogs are eaten.
  • Who maintains a shelter for cats whose cat in the dream will have a different meaning than for the head of animal testing of a pharmaceutical company that abuses cats.
  • Anyone who has grown up in countries with natural proximity to snakes and spiders, whose spider or snake in the dream will hardly be the same fear symbol as in our latitudes.
  • A beekeeper has a very different relation to bees than someone with a strong bee venom allergy, their symbolic meaning will vary accordingly.



Animals in dreams symbolize drives and instincts


A general importance for animals in the dream there is only insofar as they represent instincts and impulses that can not be controlled so easily through the mind.


Exactly distinguishes us from animals: Humans can think and reflect, more or less control his impulses and instincts, the animal is a largely by instinct and drove controlled beings. Therefore animals as symbols in dreams are for those instincts and impulses that we possess as a people remain and possibly cause problems. The most important instinct for man is the sex drive and many animals can have a sexual meaning. Animal rooms are often sex dreams, that is, it's all about sexuality.


Most of the animals there were on the earth since the beginning of early man and some of them have marked the life of man, so that they have become archetypal symbols. In the psychotherapy C.G. Jung described psychoanalysis as primordial symbols that have been engraved on human collective consciousness for ages, as archetypes. Archetypes are archetypes that are an integral part of human existence at birth and sooner or later come to life.


Water is e.g. an archetype, as the professional dream interpretation of the water knows. Because there was always water and it was always essential to life for humans. Persons or the role of persons can also be archetypes, to have a father or a mother or to be yourself, is one example. For this reason, father and mother in the dream are also archetypes.


I will explain in this blog gradually the importance of individual animals in a dream.


I wish you all good dreams - Arven 


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