What is love?

Love is the desire for oneness and unity. Behind almost everything we do, put a key need for love. Most well camouflaged, this fundamental motivation takes on many different faces.


Countless books, poems, films and other works of art are devoted to love. We all live in relationships that express some loving attention, e.g. Partnership, parenting, friendships. Not less striking hit their dark side, because most suicides and murders happen from love motives. The media reports about marriages of celebrities, many read on the web about soulmates, karmic love, etc.


So it determines our life, pleasant and unpleasant. But she does it much more than you suspect, because it's not just about our private lives. And it's not just about the usual feelings of being in love or jealousy. The greatest mystical mystery of all time: what is love?

What is love - oneness and unity


Love, what is she now? In essence, it marks the "oneness" or the desire for such a "unity". Oneness with what? That's the crucial question. Actually, and ultimately, a quasi-religious yearning motivates us back into the paradisiacal unity with God. Deeply unconsciously, this desire for paradise nibbles at us, lets us do something and do it to get it back.


On this long way home we settle for smaller replacement units: we are e.g. "One heart and one soul" with our partner or part of a family, company, circle of friends, faith community, etc. It might sound a bit abstract, but it's always about letting our individual humanity grow into some larger entity. We are always a drop of water in search of its sea. Over ponds, streams, rivers and lakes we finally find our sea, at some point.



The central drive behind everything


Although not obvious, this fundamental drive for love and oneness determines our entire life. Everyone strives for any success or affection, seeking some "positive feedback": material success, respect and recognition, fame, power, applause, sexual fulfillment, gratitude or awards and titles. I'm sure, in the end, these are all "love proofs" disguised.


Love is the "background noise" behind our human existence.



It is what holds the world together at its core. We all strive to dissolve in the background noise of the great sea of love like a drop of water; more or less unconsciously, in some way. Depending on which concrete attempts our subliminal need for unity clothes, we distinguish between different kinds of love: sexuality, emotional, spiritual and karmic love.



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