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This week it is going around. In many areas, new chapters are being opened, in others it is becoming clear that the path taken so far or the previous strategy can no longer be pursued and a (sometimes radical) reorientation becomes necessary. In this context, several, sometimes different, processes are running in parallel.


While on the one hand the ever-widening tendency to look at the world and life pragmatically and soberly since the Christmas week continues, this week significantly more energy is available and the tension is increasing. This raises the question of how these forces can be expressed. At best, it is now possible to provide an important impetus for developments in the coming period, to free oneself from a blocked situation by means of a show of strength and to take a completely new path. Anyone who has done his "homework" in the previous weeks, made an honest and serious assessment of the situation, and disposed of contaminated sites, now has the power for Herculean acts and the opportunity to consider even large projects and to make fundamental changes to the course. However, the available energies can also be used to put a new year resolution into action or finally "eradicate it". Since many initially feel little desire for change and movement, it is likely that is often traded or reacted only at the last moment, out of inner or external distress, because nothing else works or the circumstances force a change. In this case, a kind of traffic jam is initially noticeable. However, as soon as the will and the willingness to take action or to draw conclusions, there is enough power for the upcoming challenges. However, it becomes really sensitive where all energies are used for the preservation of the old and resistance to any new orientation. In this case, it may first come to an energetic congestion or a blockade, with the risk that this subsequently becomes independent and creates space in a destructive and dangerous manner. In the latter case, sometimes extremely critical or dramatic situations can be expected on both the personal and the mundane level.


Values and relationships are also important and fundamental choices. Often it is about the "inner values", the question of what real substance has and also in times of crisis. Relationships (personal, political, and business) are about the issue of commitment, the willingness to really get involved, or to free oneself from an existing relationship, with all the consequent consequences. According to other correspondences, dependencies, attempts at manipulation or power games (threat, blackmail, denial) in relationships these days should become an important topic. Overall, the more restrictive a relationship is and the less it is possible to live one's ideas and values, the greater the likelihood that it will break in those days. Take the time to review your own relationships and values and come to a clear decision. Whether you make a conscious choice or just let it come to pass, the experiences and events of this week will provide one or two powerful impulses for the future in the coming months.


Also in terms of contacts, information and media of all kinds, these days it is about a location and possible reorientation. Now emerging obstacles or resistance may require to re-examine your own ideas, thoughts and strategies. Distinguish between information that is based on concrete facts and those that reflect an opinion or conviction.


Use the strong energies of these days to create order and clarity in your life, to reposition yourself and align yourself. Be prepared to jump over your shadow and also consider unusual ways and solutions. Then the chances for an ultimately fruitful and fulfilling future are very good.


On MONDAY everything seems calm and peaceful. The need to meet with other people and to talk about God and the world and the willingness to get to know other points of view, create an overall open atmosphere. If there are requests, issues and ideas that inspire and excite this is a good day to share with others. At most, this opens up new possibilities. Already in the course of the afternoon, however, an initially subliminal intensification and tension should be felt. On TUESDAY, the processes described above reach their astrological peak. Accordingly, encounters, events, and impressions of that day, even if they may seem banal at first, can set important developments in motion. Ideally, you can take some time for a personal orientation.


On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the impulses set by events and experiences at the beginning of the week should continue to have an effect. The need to get to the bottom of a topic and illuminate the background of a story is big these days. At best, the real consequences of a decision or the true motives for a behavior become clearer. If you are willing to see something as it really is without prejudice and blinkers, you can now understand a story in a larger context and recognize or anticipate the opportunities that arise. This will create the best conditions for your further steps and decisions.


Starting FRIDAY, the perspective opens up and the need to reorient and plan for the future is growing. On FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY, there is also a strong urge to free oneself from anything that is not right and to go new ways. At best, you can use the available energies to be inspired. This works best when you are ready to face your innermost beliefs about life and the deeper motivations for your purposes. Then you can draw on the full and creatively use the large existing forces. It becomes tricky where prejudices, fixed ideas and world views determine behavior and the willingness to consider other perspectives is absent or where attempts are made to enforce the ideals and ideas of a better world by all means, regardless of others or the resulting consequences.

Love ♥ Light ॐ Peace ☮ (¯`·._)𝒜𝓋𝑒𝓃 ♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•..:*´¨`*:.☆💗


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