Instructions for a simple but effective meditation on happiness

I would like to introduce a meditation method that I practice daily and that has wonderfully changed my life.


Instructions for a simple but effective


Meditation for happiness


Sit comfortably, straight up, in a quiet place. Close your eyes.


Make your body aware by letting your attention slowly begin to wander through your body from your feet.


Feel just how the individual body parts feel right now - without assessing or analyzing anything.


Take your breath away as it happens.


When you feel tension somewhere in your body, notice and allow the exhale to flow gently to that sensation.



It must be everything as it is, nothing has to change, the body does not even have to relax.


Of course, at first thoughts come up again and again. Do not worry about it, just do not step on it, do not try to tackle it. Just come back to your breath with attention when you realize that you've gotten into thinking. It is not a problem, it often happens right at the beginning of meditation.



It takes a bit of patience and regular exercise. It's like a stormy lake, when the mud makes it dull.


Gradually, if you stay just sit, feel to your stomach and breath, this sludge settles on the ground - that is, it is silent in you.


In my experience, it pays to sit for at least 40 minutes, because then there is a great chance that the mind will go to the side and that the divine in you, draws you into the infinite peace of silence.


We can not "do it" - there is nothing to achieve.


We can only prepare the ground by stopping, being silent and seeing what is here right now.



When feelings pop up, that's okay too. Feel the feelings, welcome them, but drop all thoughts.


I recommend practicing this exercise daily, preferably in the morning when the mind is not so active. At first, you may experience this peaceful being for only a brief moment.


Over time, these phases of silence become longer and longer. You will discover that you are not separated from this infinite peace, immeasurable joy, unconditional love and bliss.


It has always been there and will be there forever.



That is you! It is your true nature!


.☆҉‿ℒℴνℯ´⁀☆҉*.¸.•´  💗Arven ღ

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