Everything deserves a second chance ... even love!

We associate the pain of an emotional setback with a deep fall. He lets us collapse, disorienting us, making us think that we have lost all our strength. That is why failures and mistakes make us so afraid. Suddenly we stay with many open wounds, and nobody but us can sew them up. Everything deserves a second chance! Love is no exception.


It is not the case that makes you suffer, but the fact that you are downcast on the floor. You can and should beat the dust, dry your tears, and sew your heart back together.



Do not give up. Proclaim courageously that you have lost everything.


It may be more difficult for biological or sentimental reasons to interpret what happens to you than to experience the separation itself. It is not easy to admit that you have reached a point where you need to react in order to move forward. But still you can do it, even if you do not believe you could do it. And if you do, the process of mourning will take its course until you feel better again. It is not easy to take control of the situation. But it's a price you have to pay if you want to be overwhelmed by new opportunities. Wake up from your fragile sleepwalking and face the fear of acceptance. It will take a lot of effort, but I assure you it's worth it.



Julio Cortázar said that "nothing is lost if you are brave enough to announce that everything is lost." When you think about it, the courage to face reality is needed to overcome any emotional loss.


You will approach the light if you have the courage to seek it in the midst of darkness. Complete the bereavement process before starting a new relationship. We are often unaware that the word "grief" is not just associated with the death of a loved one. Grief also means the emotional, cognitive and physical shock that results from loss. In the case of a love relationship, the phases you undergo are the same as in other cases of grief. And how long this grieving process lasts depends on the person.


  1. Denial: After the separation, the person who did not want to break up initially denies that she has lost her partner.
  2. Anger or indifference: Over time, the person will begin to recognize the separation. But maybe they can not understand them. This causes guilt, dissatisfaction and other feelings.
  3. Negotiation: The separation has been recognized, but the person is still thinking about ways and means to get them together again.
  4. Pain: At this stage of mourning, one is overcome by sadness because one has not been able to find a solution. If the feeling of suffering does not gradually subside, seek help.
  5. Acceptance: The person has become aware that there is no going back, and has started to love themselves again. She understood the need to forget the old relationship and create new memories outside.

After the acceptance phase, you will be ready to try something new. This tedious journey will teach you to find yourself, learn from your mistakes, and above all, find out what makes you happy.


You have to love yourself so that you can love again and be loved by someone else.


Give someone else a new chance to stay and make your world a better place. You deserve this pampering and affection. Maybe you have to go back a few steps, sure. But it will not hurt anymore. You will look with astonishment at the past, with the brave face of a fighter. In spite of all the suffering that love has caused you, do not allow this beautiful feeling to be ruined by a bad experience.


We were born to love. And even if love sometimes hurts us, it has nothing to do with the pain. Allow yourself to get to know the best version of yourself with a new partner. Do not let fear stop you when you're really ready. Let her go, let her grow. And if it fails, try again and again. Everything deserves a second chance ... even love!


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