Jupiter transits during the reference period until November 2018 in the scorpion sign. During this time, he forms a trine to Neptune in fish and a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, which gives the imagination and the emotions buoyancy and enables them to get along well in obscure situations and to make the best of the existing.


It is important to involve others in your projects. You will make better progress if you are not primarily pursuing egocentric goals, but pursuing plans that keep an eye on the well-being of the whole. Your drive to self-fulfillment and to make the best use of your potential is a powerful expression of how you can work together with others and put your energies at the service of social and community goals. In this way, you can experience that the best thing for everyone is to pull together in a spirit of cooperation. In this way the different energies are bundled and one fertilizes each other. Read below which topics are covered in detail:


House peace


Their need for inner peace is now increasing. They want more security and a closer contact with their loved ones. This opens you to your feelings, so that purely factual and intellectual considerations take a back seat. It is all the more important for you to have an exchange with your family and with people you have in your heart. Domestic problems that have hindered your exchange with relatives can now be resolved without major problems. Not only your generosity and openness help you, but also external circumstances that give your privacy a boost.


This is a good time to build up an inner security that will help you prepare for the fight for life. You can now organize your inner life and your family life in such a way that they become a source of security and satisfaction, which you can always refer back to. In contact with your unconscious, feelings are blocked from the past. Obstructive habits are pretty easily overcome, and it makes sense to take this opportunity.


Externally, this period may also be associated with the desire to acquire real estate, a condominium or a property and otherwise furnish your apartment nicer and more comfortable. This would be an expression of your increased search for security and inner security.




Since December 2017, Saturn has been in the Capricorn sign, where it will remain until 2020. He concludes with a conjunction with Pluto, which is indeed in 2019 in Orb, but in 2018 should be noticeable. This brings together qualities of great seriousness and consistency that reward those who have solidly built their career and their professional and social realization. With regard to the issues of social development, with the entry of Saturn into the Capricorn, a period begins in which the facts become more important again, and constructs built on insecure foundations run the risk of collapsing. In this situation, it is a good idea to stick to the feasible and to give priority to those projects that can be implemented. By prioritizing, you have the opportunity to put your energy at the service of those issues that are of particular importance to you. Use the time to free yourself from outdated ideas and illusions by focusing your life path more clearly and consistently.


Your self-presentation on the test bench



At present your need for creative expression and self-expression is subject to scrutiny. There are disputes with others, which sometimes throw you back on yourself, so you can see more clearly who you are and what motivations are driving you. In this phase, you may feel compelled to make concessions to maintain a relationship. So you may experience how an initially hassle-free connection, in which much could remain open, now needs to be concretized. In this situation, it is advisable to weigh the benefits and costs of this connection against each other in order to make self-responsible binding decisions.


You may also be dealing with a desire for children under this transit influence and wonder if you are up to the commitments. If you are already in a stable relationship, have children, and have the appropriate family responsibilities, it may now be your children who are looking for a more engaging engagement with you. This challenge can give you pleasure, but it also means work.


Creative realizations are associated with hard work at this time. You will not get anything. Only something that you have carefully prepared yourself, is now on hold. If you try to gain benefits without effort, or experience pleasurable moments by forcing your personal impact - for example, by following a gambling or speculative instinct, or seeking confirmation through superficial adventures - you risk losing or joining unpleasant consequences.


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