The storm is getting stronger! - Never mind - me too!

For those who are struggling right now ... strong, challenging energies prevail! ... ancient fear of loss pushes to the surface and want to be viewed! Do not push her back into your subconscious!


You may feel lonely and abandoned right now. What does it want to show you? In you sits this little child, YOU, in your most vulnerable version of yourself. The more lonely you feel in your outer world, the more attention this little creature needs in you. Any feeling of rejection and "not being seen" in your outer world is a reflection of disregarding your inner self. Get in touch with YOU! To your desires, yearnings and also to this deep pain of rejection.


The rejection of another person shows you a part in you that you can not yet accept. See this mirror as a challenge! Look in consciously and do not ask yourself, why does that happen to me? But ask yourself the question: what can I learn here about ME? Where do I still refuse? Where can I still not accept myself exactly as I am? Where do I still question my value?


I know, this is not an easy job! But I want to encourage you to look right there! And yes, it hurts! It brings painful insights and lets you look down to the bottom of your soul! But right there you will find all that you need to become WHOLE! ALL in yourself! Once you have found yourself in this totality, rejecting another person is no longer a drama.


She is simply what she is. A storm that makes you stronger! ❤️

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