Daily Message 16.01.2018

Put new plans and ideas into action! Learn to let go and look forward to new things, because there is nothing to be afraid of. There are suddenly many directions between which you can decide. If you let it, you will also realize how important it is for you to evolve and open up to the power of your soul.


A harmoniously experienced sensuality


This is a great time to harmoniously experience your relationships - especially an intimate relationship. It's easy for you to adapt while maintaining your character. You prevail without challenging your fellow human beings, because you act directly, but not aggressively. Her needs, both individual desires and craving, are in good harmony with your ability to empathize with others. Any artistic skills will benefit from this influence. You will also enjoy dancing and sports as well as all pleasurable physical activities.


The long way between thought and word



You may feel a tension between certain intellectual needs and the need to present yourself as you are. Specifically, this can be especially evident in the communicative area. Perhaps you are currently very fond of an idea or a message and you really want to share it. You encounter resistance or simply make the wrong time to express your views. It may also be that in conversations both sides have their opinion about a matter, but no agreement takes place. Negotiations should therefore be postponed to later.

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    Veer vK (Tuesday, 16 January 2018 12:59)

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