Daily Message 18 January 2018

Today, there is a harmonious connection between your energy of action and your goals. You are able to reconcile what you do and what you want, which supports the natural flow of energy. Your straightforward approach and the naturalness of your actions should be well received in your environment so that today you can count on external support in the realization of your activities. Decisions you make today will be correct in the longer term as they are in line with your true intent.


The following time seems pretty easy at first. Nevertheless, there can be some complications. There is a big discrepancy between your emotional expectations regarding the outside world and the real situation in which you find yourself. Her perspective is shaped by dreams and does not want to deal with the uninteresting problems of everyday life. This will make you feel more generous and independent than you really are, but reality will catch you up and take you to the limits of what is possible. An imposing appearance without proper foundation at most causes, that one does not take you seriously.


•.¸.☆.¸¸.✿¸. •Hugs ✿.¸¸.☆.¸.•* Arven ღ 



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