... The "gods sky" ...

To facilitate understanding, I will first divide our "gods sky" into three levels:


  • elemental force
  • Triune Goddess and Horned God
  • Deities of our ancestors

We witches assume that all life comes from a primordial power and is still created today. Some of us call this elemental force the "twirling double spiral", others prefer the term chaos or primal energy, but each term means the same force. However, for us humans, this energy is very elusive, and very few people gain conscious access to it, even if it is all.


The world around us is characterized by two polarities that complement each other. We are talking about the female and the male principle, of ying and yang. The interaction and the unification of these forces enables us to primal energies to access and create new life. The goddess and the horned god symbolize this principle. They came from the primordial energy, split into the two polarities and common yet again a primal force. Our whole human life is aligned with these two energies and is shaped by them. For this reason, it is much easier for us to get in touch with these forces and become one with them, than with the twirling double spiral. So by the union with the God and the Goddess, we gain access to the primal energies and therefore take it as our "principal deities" true.


We understand the deities of our ancestors as personalization of certain aspects of the Goddess or God. These deities usually stand for an essential quality of the great mother or the hunter. The analogy of this deity makes it easier for us to gain direct access to the energies of the desired aspect in the magical work. For this reason, when performing a ritual, some witches prefer to approach a deity of our ancestors who represents and personifies the necessary forces. These deities can be from a variety of cultures, such as. those of the Celts, Egyptians, Greeks, Maya and others. So if you want to call healing energies in a ritual, you turn directly to e.g. Brigid, to ask for her assistance. Of course this is not necessary, but very helpful. Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide which path to choose and follow.


♥ ❤ Arven ♥ ❤





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