Recipe cold syrup: homemade with ingredients 7 wonders

At work, in the subway, on the bus or at the shopping cart in the supermarket - cold viruses lurk everywhere. You can still be so careful and even hand disinfection gel always have at hand - to a cold you can not get around.


The healing powers of nature help, so it does not hit you so hard and you are quickly on your feet again.


This is especially good with homemade cold sirup. Even if it has already caught you, the syrup creates relief with its healthy and soothing ingredients.


Recipe Cold Cream: Homemade with 7 miracle ingredients


Source: Adorable magazine


For about seven days with daily use you need:


° a ginger tuber

° two lemons (organic and untreated)

° half a teaspoon of fennel seeds (70 grams)

° a teaspoon of dried peppermint (100 grams)

° a vanilla pod° 200 grams of sugar (birch sugar or stevia)

° 400 milliliters of water


° sterile preservation glass bottle


° Put the fennel seeds and the dried peppermint leaves in a mortar and crush both.


° Slice the ginger and lemon with peel.


° Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil and pour the boiling liquid through a sieve.



° Put the still hot syrup in the glass bottle and close it.


So take the cold syrup


Take one tablespoon of the syrup three times a day until the symptoms of cold have subsided.


Additionally or alternatively, you can dissolve a tablespoon of syrup in hot water and drink it as tea.



If the cold sirup is kept refrigerated, it is stable for about a year.



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