Daily Message 20.January2018

Did you stay in an abusive relationship and suffer the consequences because you felt crushed by your partner's strong personality? Did you let your partner control the relationship, doing nothing because they made you feel weak and incapable of making it on your own? Did your fears and low self-esteem make you compromise your own needs and desires just to keep the peace?


Did you give your power away and forget who you really are?


You seem to hang on to things longer than you need to, and when you do this you're digging yourself in deeper with your old lifestyle, resisting positive change.


Remember that a refusal to forgive dooms you to continue living with sickening nostalgia and the ghosts of the past.



Isolation and reflection



A first piece of advice: It is by no means as bad and negative as current life looks like. Only your momentary inability to open emotionally intensifies the purely subjective impression that nobody understands and loves you. In just a few hours, you will emerge from this low and regain your courage. However, it would be wise to use this period of seclusion to clarify and purify your inner life. The more the feelings and feelings are shaped by illusory desires, the harder one realizes reality. It is up to you to tackle the changes consistently.


Mood swings and imbalance



Today, you have difficulty getting into a harmonious consensus with other people. The tensions that occur with contacts can easily leave the impression that nobody understands you. However, it is your own ambivalence in the emotional realm that prevents you from giving an authentically clear picture of your imagination to the outside world. Be judicious and defensive when it comes to working with others, otherwise you could easily become involved in a dispute. Discomfort, mild depression or a melancholy mood are often accompanying symptoms of this phase, which fortunately lasts only a few hours.


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