Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are deliberate lucid dreams


Lucid dreams, so the conscious dreams, is a known phenomenon in all cultures, whose purpose is controversial."Lucid" comes from the Latin, from lux, the light. What is meant by the lucid dream as a "light" dream inasmuch as one is aware of light in the sense of dreaming. You know that you are dreaming right now. Alluding to this awareness, a lucid dream is also called a clear dream. Lucid dreams are a well-known phenomenon in many cultures and for a long time. Presumably, in the early days of man, there were always some who deliberately or unintentionally operated lucid dreaming. In Tibetan Buddhism, lucid dreams are known as trauma yoga. It should be a spiritual enlightenment practice.


The objectives, purposes and applications of lucid dreams differ according to culture and religion. From the aforementioned practice of enlightenment in some Eastern cultures (which I believe to be unrealistic wishful thinking) to simple control experiments of the practical West, there is a wide spectrum.



Lightening dreams are a fascinating matter for a few scientists to strive for, but they are, in my opinion, overestimated in their importance. Mostly, esotericism so esoteric and spiritually interested people deal with lucid dreaming. The normal interpretation of dream symbols, e.g. reveals something about hidden feelings belongs to psychology and psychotherapy. Special phenomena such as the lucid dream, on the other hand, find particular attention in esotericism.


I count the lucid dream to the "real dream experiences", which exist beside the symbolically interpretable dream. Another phenomenon of the real dream experiences are former lives, so the experience of a reincarnation in the dream. Finally, more than the re-experience of reincarnation are so-called prophetic dreams that look to the future. Prophetic dreams, however, can be symbolically encrypted.


Learning about Lucid's dreams: controlling and influencing


Learning about Lucid's dreams is possible and it offers the opportunity to meaningfully influence and consciously control one's dreams. The practical implementation is not easy.



What purpose does lucid dreaming have? Well, the dreaming can influence his dreams, steer. But the question is how and why, what purpose it serves. Sleep research, psychology and many others see the great benefit and the great opportunity. It is e.g. claims that in the nightmare one can consciously face the frightening and thereby dissolve or clarify the nightmare, somehow steer constructively. Basically, this is possible and useful, but only in principle and theoretically. In practice, this almost never works with such sensitive and unconscious nightmare elements.


The fact is, even during lucid dreams, you can not usually conjure up your nightmare characters or other dream elements as you like, and then, in your own imagination, deal with them. Similarly, during a dream, lucid awareness can not be established on command. For such a conscious act one would have to be lucid in the dream before, because in the normal dream happening one does not come of itself suddenly on this idea. Lucid's dreaming has its limits.


It is often suggested that one should use lucid dreams to try out the new freedom. Can fly in a dream and the like is usually on top of the wish list. Sometimes this will work and be a great experience, but sometimes it will not, because there are internal obstacles preventing it. If in your psyche, for example an authoritarian-constricting and you often the "wing-waving" father and his imprint exists, then the father can appear as a symbolic figure even in return in the lucid dream and stop the flight attempt.


So there are clear limits to the possibilities that lucid dreams offer. With head and will the dream event can only be used and influenced to the extent that you are internally willing to do so. And what the conscious "I" in the lucid dream wants and just occurs to him must not just be constructive and useful: Inappropriate attempts to find the deceased spouse (in the dream you are in so-called astral planes, where usually the deceased. are located) or to get to monetary information, would be examples of this.


The lucid dream, between creativity and flight from reality


The lucid dream offers extensive opportunities for creative self-experience. Clear dreams may harbor the danger of escaping into a kind of parallel life.



As a creative experiment, lucid dreams make sense. Such a dream offers the opportunity to develop creatively.  


If and as far as you gain more control over a lucid dream over too impetuous feelings and desires that actually need more control, that is also desirable. Lucid's dreaming also serves a good purpose if you can make desirable contacts with spiritual helpers.


That sounds wonderful, but in the end lucid dreaming will bring everyone back to the existing weak points. Which is not bad, because it is a good opportunity to work with his psyche. Thus, in the prevented flight dream, the father could be asked why he behaves this way and he could be deliberately disempowered. Ultimately, a lucid dream is actually nothing more than the "normal" psychological dream work. Only that this dream work over the lucid dream runs on a its own rail or methodology.



Dreaming actually means to move as a disembodied soul in his astral body in astral dimensions. The dream world or astral plane is a real, fully valid reality and parallel world. Especially lucid dreaming involves the danger of escaping into another world, into another life. Not unlike drug addicts who take refuge in their drug-induced dream worlds, so as not to have to face the harsh reality here.


A lucid dream can be learned


A lucid dream requires practice and patience, but it can certainly be learned. A certain caution when dreaming lucid is advisable.



A lucid dream can be brought about and learned through patient exercise. The easier morning sleep, so when dream phases and sleep are not so deep and the consciousness is slowly gaining control of the subconscious, anyway, is best suited. They wake up in the morning for the first time and do not just turn aside to continue sleeping. Rather, they are determined to be conscious in the dream. Take the concentrated thought "I know, I dream" with you over. If that succeeds, you will experience a lucid dream, and then it's about maintaining that state.


In the further dream event you may get doubts, if you are actually dreaming or awake. Check the dream environment. If pink elephants with plaid scarves fly past you, then it is not likely to be the real life ... If the environment is in the dream of reality, the bedroom, or at least believable, then do experiments, e.g. whether they can willfully influence something in a real impossible way, e.g. with your hand into the wall.


Take your time for the lucid experience and be careful. As I said, at night you sleep in a kind of parallel world.


Quelle: Traumdeutung-Lebensberatung.de

Translation: Arven-TheWolfmyinnerSoul

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