Living in harmony with the rhythms of the moon

One of the great wisdom of life is that everything is included in the beginning. With this knowledge, we can make the beginnings of our lives as aware as possible in order to make any development that comes out of it a good start. What we at such sensitive moments quite consciously in the existence - our strength, our intention, our love, our enthusiasm - has the potential to become a blessing for us and others. Through this act, we become a living part of the cosmos, co-creators in the great development and awareness process of the universe. We become a gateway through which the joy and creativity of the cosmos can flow through us and unfold. Every month we have the opportunity to do so at the time of the new moon. By aligning ourselves with the current quality of time, we intuitively perceive what we want to realize in the next 30 days and be born into the world.


The mystery of the new moon


Every new sun / moon cycle starts at new moon. The first half of the cycle goes from new moon to full moon. The second half of full moon again to new moon, which will then take place in another place in the zodiac and sets the seed for the next cycle, the next activity.


At the new moon, the moon, "the light of the night" meets the sun, "the light of the day". It is the moment when the female-lunar unites with the male-solar principle. From this primordial union of the two lights, the new, which now wants to be born and take shape, emerges.



We still do not know what the new will look like and how it manifests in our lives. Like the growing embryo in the womb or the seed in the earth, it is still hidden under cover of darkness. This process is reflected on the outside in the deep black darkness of the new moon nights. New moon nights are the darkest nights of the month because the moon is not visible in the sky at this stage. He literally has no form yet to reflect the light of the sun. Only about two days later, it is recognizable as a fine sickle after sunset in the western sky. Inside, this process is reflected in increased intuition and receptivity.


New moon will always release a new impulse. The temptation to take action immediately, to do something, can therefore be great. But the activity is not yet mature, considered, judged. Therefore, it is more consistent to tune in to the future at the time of the new moon, or to mentally seed one that then unfolds throughout the cycle.



If you go into the silence on a new moon, for example by meditating yourself just before the new moon or at the new moon, you can see pictures that give you an idea of what's coming. Often these are creative impulses that correspond to the quality of the new moon. In the next 2 weeks, it's about putting that momentum into action with willpower and purposeful action. The full moon, which takes place 14 later, then shows whether what we have sown has borne fruit, so our efforts are crowned with success.


But at the time of the new moon, we can consciously sow a seed for that which is close to our hearts and that we wish it to be realized in our lives. The more our desire is in line with the quality of each new moon, the better and easier it can be realized. Through the imagination of our desire a "sound", a vibration is released, which, when it is in resonance with the cosmic forces, is also answered by them. However, this only works with wishes without egoistic intention, ie with wishes for peace, health, rest, mindfulness, creativity, etc.


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