Zodiac of the month: Aquarius

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18


Freedom over everything


Ruler: Uranus

Quality: fixed air

Polarity: Yang


"Look, the stars have stayed!"


At the end of January, the sun gradually regains strength and the newly started year mobilizes the energies. After the dark winter months, the days that are getting longer and longer give rise to new hopes. To the same extent as the Capricorn felt obliged to social norms, man consciously freed himself from them in the sign of Aquarius. On the duty now follows the freestyle! After adjusting to the demands of the outside world - the assumption of obligations - now is the individual in the center, but this time not as the opposite sign of Leo for the purpose of pure self-expression, but as an independent part of a larger whole.


In the sign of Aquarius man deals with his wishes and ideals and makes his individual contribution to the collective. The last air sign in the zodiac develops visions that go beyond the scope of the familiar. In the process, the future is far more interested than the present or the past, as it does not like dealing with things that can not be changed anymore. His focus is executed where it can intervene, where it can implement his ideas. "Freedom, equality, brotherhood" is the name of his vision. In the idea of Aquarius, the impossible is possible in principle. This sometimes brings with it the criticism of being unworldly and eccentric. This danger exists in the sign of Aquarius certainly, especially if the saturnian side and the Capricorn qualities were not sufficiently integrated. The experience that mind needs matter to manifest itself is often a hard for Aquarius.


But so that his ideas do not remain mere fantasies of the imagination and utopian castles in the air, he needs the qualities of his counterpart lion as well as a connection to the earth. It is one of the tasks of Aquarius to be proud of representing his ideals and having them shaped for the benefit of the greater whole. For as long as he philosophizes from lofty heights on a better, more ideal world and turns away from rebellion at the same time, his role will remain that of the interesting cross-head, but he will never really change anything. If he manages to reconcile heart and mind, he will not take liberties and rights that he does not allow others to do.


"Two paths parted in the forest, and I took the one that had left less, and that made all the difference."


Aquarians have a great talent for happiness, because they do not take life so seriously. They like to step aside and look at things from a distance. However, they themselves deal with emotional issues with their heads. Sometimes they stand in your own way, because you just can not analyze and mentally understand everything. Letting go and feeling, that's their learning task. What an Aquarius needs to be happy is also a lot of freedom. To submit to rules or conventions is anathema to him.


Aquarians are strong individualists and like a bit idiosyncratic. Therefore, those who are friends with an Aquarius should have unusual hobbies or unusual leisure activities to offer. With an Aquarius, you have a particularly tolerant friend at your side, where you can be who you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Aquarius, of course, claims that right for himself, and if you want to change it, he reacts quite stubbornly. One should not narrow down an Aquarius, he needs his freedom and often even a break. If you leave them, a friendship with him can last a long time and above all be very fulfilling.


Please do not tell anyone !? The mystery of the pyramids, the treasure of the Inca or even the legendary Atlantis: The Aquarius is magically attracted to unusual secrets of the mystical kind. From childhood on, he wants to decipher something or explore and experiences early on, that he sometimes runs after a mirage. He himself can keep secrets very well for himself. Although Aquarius is a very open type, he appreciates camaraderie and therefore secrecy and trust play a big role for him. If his friends stick to it, he will remain loyal. However, anyone who recklessly babbles something that Aquarius has told him in confidence can experience something. Since the Aquarius is ever an unpredictable opponent, which aims with his attacks sometimes under the belt.


Quirks, foibles and oddities ... everybody has them ... even the Aquarius! As soon as an Aquarius lives in a block of flats, all people will know him. Either he wears his hair in pink, always the latest fashion or he prefers the most exotic partners. He likes it a bit shrill and never socially compliant. Even he is tolerant and magically attracts a colorful crowd. Parties in a flat share, a classic car as a car and an artistic profession, that's exactly his thing. And best always nice and chaotic. It is contrary to clichés and a fixed agenda. He is awesome, but often seems a bit bizarre. So he has to be careful that he is not considered crazy for his modern ideas.


Aquarius à la carte



Actually, the title of this section is in itself a slap in the face for the Aquarius, because if he can not stand something, it is behavioral rules by which he should be classified. Therefore, it should be pointed out at this point that basically every act that falls outside the everyday framework, trying out the new, which is transversely in the landscape or very specific original, has watermännische qualities - everything imitated, everything familiar and repetitive contradicts his Urge for eccentricity and elicit at best a disrespectful noseblowing - Just make the impossible possible! ... The rest is up to your imagination.


Life motto: I express my individuality! I find!



Learning tasks: letting go of personal wishes and hopes, assuming responsibility, realizing goals


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