Zodiac of the Month: Capricorn

Capricorn: 21st of December - 19th of January


By effort to the stars


Ruler: Saturn

Quality: cardinal earth

Polarity: Yin


"In such bondage and so full of annoyance, with a false plan, in this soul-destiny Divine is destined to chisel me." Michelangelo


When the sun reaches its lowest point around December 21st, seems to stand still, and its light sparsely lasts for barely more than eight hours a day, the ibex principle governs the earth. Nature has retreated into hibernation, and its growth process is on the back burner. After the overflowing idealism of the Sagittarius, self-restraint is the order of the day in Capricorn. He orients himself more than any other signs of reality and does not shrink from the harsh demands of life.


On the contrary, Capricorn puts its own needs behind social obligations and takes responsibility for the functioning of public life. Discipline and sense of duty are as natural to him as his conviction that every goal can be achieved through hard work. He does not perceive social boundaries as obstacles, but rather as secure structures on which he can orient himself at all times. He strives to achieve recognition by fulfilling his childhood script. His ideas and goals are a mixture of parental expectations with social and cultural values.


In his development, he likes to orient himself to authority figures and at the same time experience them as an obstacle on his way to the top. By the permanent confrontation with the external requirements and personal perfection claims, he gradually matures inwardly to his own authority. The ultimate goal of Capricorn is certainly to realize that true authority can not be found externally, but is an inner developmental step towards individuation and has to do with assuming responsibility for oneself. This self-responsibility also refers to the emotional needs, which are often a problem especially for the Capricorn, as they seem more of a hindrance to him with his control and discipline consciousness. Therefore, the counter-sign Cancer contains important lessons for the Capricorn. Because if he concentrates too much only on the care of his treetop and neglects or negates the root system, he will eventually fall in the stormy winds of life to fall.


The typical Capricorn is enduring, authoritative, persistent, resilient, down to earth, disciplined, ambitious, monosyllabic, narrow-minded, serious, patient, straightforward, thorough, principled, persistent, smart, conservative, controlled, focused, orderly, conscientious, realistic, reserved, businesslike, shy, silent, self-critical, stubborn, ambitious, loyal, over-structured, inflexible, inexorable, unsociable, aloof, responsible, reasonable and careful.


Life motto: I take responsibility! I'm doing!


Learning tasks: Allowing for enthusiasm and change, involving feelings and spontaneity

Capricorn à la carte

• Start the day before sunrise with gym exercises that strengthen your back. The best thing in the winter      with the window open and until you feel each bone individually.

• The breakfast should not be too lavish. For once it also does a few dried fruit and a cup of black tea - of course, no sugar.


• Now plan your day and set yourself a clear goal. What do you want to achieve this evening? - If the whole thing looks like an effort and a real challenge, you're on the right track.


• Patience and chess are games that require many Capricorn qualities from you.


• Literature includes non-fiction books (such as on fasting or mountaineering) as well as scholarly essays on the Capricorn theme - as well as the service regulations of the military or an authority.


Did you on 21/22. December or on 20./21. January birthday? Then you should check carefully whether the sun is in your horoscope in the zodiac sign Capricorn or if you may even be a Sagittarius or an Aquarius. The zodiac sign change takes place in the middle of the day and every other year. This can also change the date of the transition

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