Are you afraid of your abilities?

As you begin to unfold your potential, you will find that you have abilities that are special. You may have attended massage training and been wondering that while you are massaging, you will gain insights into the emotional world and life of your patients. Perhaps you will notice on your nature walks that the trees, plants and animals are talking to you.


You may realize that you know exactly which herbs would help other people, even if they do not know it themselves.


Do not worry, there is no fuse in your interior! All humans have intuitive abilities and many have the ability to heal, see things and communicate with nature or animals. That is completely normal!


Unfortunately, we have learned that the subtle level does not exist. We were hammered that only what you can see and touch is real. So we have learned to fear our intuitive abilities and close the door to them.



Do you often have a headache? Then you suppress a large part of your intuitive abilities. It hurts, because they really want to be in the river.


Do you often feel small and insecure? Then you hide your actual size. It does not feel good because your size is yours - it's part of you.


Are you afraid of other people and are you afraid to step out of line and stand out? Then, in the past, you've had the experience of being laughed at or even persecuted for your abilities.


It is high time we returned our skills and melted the old walls that we built around them. We live in a new time. Awareness opens up for intuition, healing and new ways - but often parts of us still live in the Middle Ages.



For us, it still seems as if they are going to land at the stake when they take on their size and stand by their abilities. It is our job to bring these injured portions into the present and integrate them.


If you want, be aware of the part that is most afraid of your abilities. In which time is he? What kind of scenario does he experience? Does he feel persecuted? How does he see the world? How does he encounter other people?


Give your share of time to perceive you. Breathe softly and take the share by the hand. Accompany him back to the present. Can you feel that he would like to come home? Then let him melt to your soul where his true home is.



The more parts you integrate in this way, the more room you have for your abilities. Headaches, insecurity and anxiety begin to melt and joy awakens.


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