The week of 22. - 28.1. 2018

The constellations of this week contain very different topics. Everyone plays a role, but none dominates. Depending on the horoscope, topic and personal attitude, different experiences are possible. Overall, there is an open and relatively dynamic mood. The desire to meet with others and to discuss God and the world as well as a significantly increased interest in philosophical, political or ideological questions are good prerequisites to deal with a broader and more comprehensive topic and the opinions and perspectives that prevail.


At the same time, other constellations reinforce the urge to explore the background of a story, to explore what it's all about. Above all, where it is to be assumed that there is more than one truth, or hide behind or below the externally visible or communicated other layers and facts, is the desire to investigate or even to drill very pronounced. Accordingly, the energies of these days ideal for discussions, inquiries and investigations of all kinds are. At best, it is possible in this context to gain important new insights on a topic.


However, the current tendency to turn from fixed ideas, beliefs and ideologies to one topic, to "bite" one another in it, and to hide, suppress, or split anything that does not suit it, can be tricky. In these cases, situations are imaginable in which all parties stubbornly insist on their view of things, by all means oppose, devalue or condemn other perspectives or opinions. As a result, heated arguments without result are possible and there is the danger of unsightly escalations with potentially destructive consequences. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is best if you succeed in remaining calm, in listening to different opinions and views, even if you disagree or disagree with others' views, and for the moment, you do not have a common one Find denominator. If you are willing to accept that there are very different perspectives, interpretations, and attitudes about a topic, and if "truth" or "right and wrong" can be something very relative, it becomes possible to gain important new insights and your own understanding of to expand one thing.


At the concrete level these days, the topics of communication, knowledge, media, travel and traffic are in the center. In this area, emerging information and revelations could cause excitement. Often it is not easy to distinguish between facts or fiction, between what is the result of research, or a purposeful manipulation. Do not let yourself be tempted to hasty judgments, and be sure to make surprising turns.


Monday and Tuesday, dynamic energies dominate. The urge to take action, to do something or to experience it, is pronounced on these days. However, it often will not be easy to be carefree and relaxed. In the background, there is a tendency, where something does not go as desired or expected, persistently and often stubborn hooking. In this context, it can lead to power struggles. But you can use the energies very well for a project that requires much energy of will and energy, also sporting activities benefit from the constellations. It is best to drive if you are deliberately looking for a challenge, an activity that allows you to use the strong energies.


On Wednesday morning there is a mood of departure and unrest in the air. Irritability and impatience can lead to premature and thoughtless reactions. As of Wednesday noon, the momentum slows significantly and a pronounced need for calm, security and control is noticeable. At the same time, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there is a heightened tendency to get concrete about a topic or thing, to get to the bottom of things and keep investigating until that's what it's all about. Ideally, on these days you have the time and leisure to look after a topic or project that is close to your heart. The constellations are also suitable for craft activities or the classification or sorting out things. However, the tricky thing about these days is the tendency to be so focused on something or to be absorbed by one thing and lose sight of everything else.


During the course of Friday, there will be another change of mood. Attention expands again and interest in the world, in other people or new ideas grows. Saturday and Sunday, the need for contact and exchange is great. Accordingly, these days are ideal for joint activities, stimulating discussions with friends or the playful exploration of new ideas and possibilities. Take the opportunity and be inspired. Be open to the unexpected and the unknown, then important insights are possible.


 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔢 & 𝔏𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔰 (¯`·._)𝒜r𝓋𝑒𝓃 ♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•..:*´¨`*:.☆💗



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