Daily Message 23 January 2018

When mind and emotions join hands


Today you should feel stimulated by everything beautiful like art, music, poetry and nature in and of itself. Likewise, meeting people you love to talk to is important to you. So today you may succeed especially well in expressing to a fellow human being your feelings of love and affection in words. In an existing relationship, a new mutual understanding can emerge or difficulties can be discussed and solved. On another level, you can emotionally experience mental concepts so that your interest in laws of nature may be enhanced.


A good ability to enjoy



Harmony and beauty in your environment as well as in your relationships are now particularly important to you. They are sociable and warm in contact, which leads to pleasant encounters and a sense of community. Rather than enjoyment rather than performance, today you will not want to overstrain yourself and give your body peace and quiet. Your attraction to the opposite sex is also enhanced. A good time for social activities related to music, art or entertainment.




Nine of Pentacles 


  This is a good time to count your blessings and to express gratitude for all of the wonderful things you've accomplished in your life.The Nine of Pentacles speaks of shifting your attitude to one of gratitude. It speaks of attracting abundance and prosperity — not just with respect to money and material possessions, but also to your own sense of self-worth.It's all about being grateful for what you've acquired and recognizing that you deserve it.


The Nine of Pentacles represents that intricate and fulfilling balance between expressing gratitude and achieving prosperity. It refers to developing a prosperity consciousness, knowing that the Universe offers up unlimited abundance to those who do.


It also refers to that sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are where you are not because you've been lucky or have been the benefactor of someone else's generosity. It's been your own hard work and determination (seen in the Eight of Pentacles) that's led you to where you are today.


We all know (in theory) that all the money in the world won't buy us happiness if it's acquired without passion. Yet we keep on wanting more of it, and find ourselves struggling with the idea of figuring out how much is “enough."

The Nine of Pentacles challenges us to not only answer that question but to examine our personal values as well. Money is just one form of “value" and is usually the one we pay the most attention to. We need to be mindful of the temptation to overlook one set of values for another, especially when it involves compromising our principles.


Take some time this week to remind yourself of all that you have. Count your own blessings and be appreciative of all who have helped you along the way. And because the Nine of Pentacles also represents an understanding of how wealth and abundance needs to flow (it's called “currency" for a reason), be open to giving some of it away.


Remember that whatever you put out there — whether it's time, energy, money or yourself — as well as whatever you're open to receiving, will all balance out and be replenished in the end.


.☆҉‿ℒℴνℯ´⁀*.¸.•´  💗Arven ღ


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