Dear doubts,


I'm so sorry, I'm sick of it.


Its over between us. Right, out.


You and I have been stretching that relationship too far, and look at us: we're a wreck.


Our relationship simply does not serve either of us anymore.


It's not me, it's not you. Or is it you? I dont know.


All I know is that I need some space - you've been hanging around with me all too often these days, and honestly, you're choking me.


Yes, I know you love it when I cook, and you'll miss how well I fed you. But honestly, you've gained a lot of weight since we were together, and you've become a bit too heavy for me. It's time to let you go.


I know we had good times together. These long walks on the beach, which never seemed to end. Unforgettable nights together in bed (sometimes we have not even made it to bed from the floor). We have always had these kinds of conversations that took hours. Day after day we stayed together, intertwined, staring into the room, turning, twirling. I can still feel the lingering of your kiss, and it's intoxicating.



No, it has never been a problem that you have many other lovers, although I have often told myself that I am the One. And though you've been so busy, you've always been with me punctually, giving me everything you have when we're together. Sometimes you even took me to surprise rendezvous - and what a wild ride they were!


You're not the one I thought - but you're not as bad as you pretend to me. I followed you home earlier, so I know where you're from. I also come from there. I do not know why you pretend your home is elsewhere, or why I believed you when you hid the truth from me.


I've given up trying to change you.


I'm changing.



It is not personal, it simply has the background that we both evolve in different directions. Your little games were so cute, but I know better now. I play according to my own rules.


And frankly, I started meeting someone named Trust - and we get along really well.


I know that this separation does not become easy. We share a long history. We'll probably get together here and there in the future - you know I find it hard to resist you when I'm in the mood. If we meet again, I'll just smile at you and move on.



I hope you find what you are looking for, and I know that you wish me the same.


And yes, it was a hell of a good time together, but that's the best way.


I have to go now - trust knocks ...



I regret nothing,



    🌷🍃🌸⁀⋱‿ ,,, 💚



Bild: TJ Drysdale

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