I give myself permission to take the next step

Hello my dears,


the new year is almost a month old and last year has been a very busy year for me! Many things have changed. My destiny has moved to the forefront of my life.


It's time for me to do exactly what I enjoy the most and what all of my abilities involve: accompanying people with their destiny to become happy and successful.


Now I'm sitting here and I'm about to set the upcoming topics for my blog and realize that I find it hard.


Do I have the right to do what I want?


Somewhere inside, there is an old pattern that says I have no right to simply write about the topics that really suit me. Discouraging voices want to whisper to me that no one will care any more if I go further and address the issue of destiny in all its facets.



What if all those loveable people who have read my blog and Facebook page so far feel repelled by writing about how to be successful with your own purpose? What if all the people I would like to support are not open to it?


Spirituality and business - crossing the abyss


It seems to me that I'm just about to cross a deep abyss. On the one hand is the land of spirituality - on the other hand is the business land. I want to build my house right in the middle between these two areas.


I love the ideas that come to me: Business that grows organically. Business ideas and strategies based on the model of nature. Inner and outer growth in harmony.


I know how many special people have withdrawn from the old approach to success and earning money - and that's a good thing. But I want to make it clear that there is a new way.


Success does not have to mean selling your soul and losing your values - on the contrary, success means that your love may be visible on the outside.


There is almost a tradition of spiritual or alternative thinking people: earning money is a taboo topic and success is unthinkable.


We are the ones we wait for ...


Many have pitched their tents in the spiritual world and are watching the events in the world on the sidelines. "You can not do anything anyway," says the negative voice inside.



But who should build the New Earth then? Personally, I find it a pity when we criticize what people in the old consciousness are doing - without bringing anything in - without using the skills we have been given.


Humans are not just trees that live a life of deep meditation and are just present. Humans have the ability to act so that their love and wisdom can become visible.


Give me permission


And while I think about this topic, I suddenly know what I'm missing: I have to give myself permission.


Somewhere I have not yet said yes to the deepest depth of this step that lies ahead of me now. To imagine being allowed to do what I really want to do is almost too good to be true.


For so long, I have been guided by what others want or need. Now my soul invites me to think of what I want. What is the song I want to sing? What are the topics I want to write about?



It's okay if everyone does not like it. I think there is no blog in the world that everyone likes ... But I know that I was not brought here for nothing.


All the invitations that come from deep inside have always led me to more joy, more abundance and new adventures. It always feels insecure to take the first step - it is always connected to inner resistance that wants to dislocate and stay the same - but there are always the loving energies that say, "Come on, take the next step - everything is alright!"



So now I give myself permission to lead this blog in a new direction.


Topics I will write about in the future:


  • Find your destiny - discover and bring in your skills


  • Consciously shaping your life - dissolving old patterns and bringing in new potential


  • Overcoming self-doubt - letting go of negative thoughts and dealing with challenges


  • Natural growth - how we work with the rhythms of the earth and let our projects grow naturally




The goal of my blog? I hope that as many people as possible, whose concerns it is to bring more peace, healing and abundance into the world, will be successful - and holistically successful. Without burn-out and sleepless next, light and fluent.


We are on the threshold of a new era. The old power that abused and exploited loses its influence. The earth is waiting for people who hold their own power in love, who make wise choices - making love visible wherever they are. I would like to equip these people with everything they need to be really successful. I am not afraid of money, of success and of greatness - if we have learned to act in harmony with nature and love in ourselves, we can handle our strength.


So, now I have shared my story with you.



Soon you will find more blog posts on these topics.   ღ.¸¸. 🌷 


Give you the permission


Is there something you want to give yourself permission for? Do you carry something inside that is almost too good to be true and difficult to pronounce? Is the negative voice whispering to you that it is not possible or that you are not good enough?


  • Give yourself the permission.


  • Give yourself permission to be more than you dared to dream.


  • Give yourself permission to go beyond old boundaries.


  • Give yourself permission to know how wonderful you really are.


  • Give yourself permission to be happy.



.`•.¸.•´ ★Arven(¸.•¨¯`* ღ





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