Daily Message 24 January 2018

A spiritually active day


Today all mental activities and communication are favored. You can formulate your ideas clearly and effortlessly follow complex arguments. Discover weaknesses in others' minds immediately, so you do not fall for superficial explanations. They easily close contacts, participate in lively discussions and draw logical conclusions with ease. With increased thirst for knowledge, you also warm up for new ideas that fall out of the ordinary. To avoid a tendency to waste time with empty chatter, you should consciously deal with important things.


Longer-term goals require planning and structure



Today gives you the opportunity to take responsibility and stand up for what is essentially important to you. Through various circumstances or even encounters you will always be pointed out the essentials, but it will take your willpower to make your plans concrete. Maybe it's your 'guilty conscience' that drives you today to get things done. You can use today to bring order and clarity, paving the way for your longer-term goals.

Let your love shine

Ace of cups


Now is the time to let your love shine and your cup to be strewn with love, affection and vitality. The Ace of Cups is a card of promise and opportunity, a new or fresh perspective that is reflected back from the universe to you.


All aces are tied to new unshaped energy. Even though it manifests as something material to you - a new romantic interest or good news - the key is that it creates a "feel-good" energy that resonates throughout your being.


Since this is the Ace of Cups and Cups refer to emotions, intuition and feelings, it will probably manifest on one of these levels. Love and romance for the beginning. But also affection, intimacy, sharing, closeness and the expression of feelings.


This card represents opportunities for happiness and fulfillment. It speaks of fertility, birth, novelty and promise. It speaks of seeing each day as a brand new day, ripe for creative potential and opportunity.


Remember how many options you have - some that you may not have considered. You might think of starting a new creative project or breathe a life into something that has stopped you. Or you may receive good news - such as the birth of a child or a loved one planning a wedding.


The Ace of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and guide the way of love. It reminds you that there is still much good in the world and that all the love you send out is returned to you in kind.


You may start a new relationship or express yourself romantically - regardless of whether this relationship develops into a serious relationship or not. You might hear about an old love (or feel the urge to reach someone from your past), or you could plan a romantic getaway with a loved one.


It is the process of falling in love that reveals your purest, most perfect potential. It is when you shake your best foot and show the world what you can - and the universe responds in the same way.


If you are already in an established relationship, this can be a renewal of affection and passion. It can be a rebirth, a formal commitment or the beginning of a new chapter in your relationship.



It's about seeing your ability to love and express feelings that are directly reflected to you - through a new love interest, a friend or family member or the eyes of a child. The Ace of Cups refers to feelings, emotions, intuition and above all to "love" in its purest form.


🍃 *°•.¸𝒴𝒮𝑒𝑒𝓇𝒜r𝓋𝑒𝓃 ¸.•°* 🍃



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