Suffering arises because we do not allow change. We hold on, we want nothing to change. If you love a woman, she should belong to you tomorrow just as she belongs to you today. This is how suffering arises. Nobody can be sure about the next moment - what can you say about tomorrow?


A conscious person knows that life is constantly changing. Life is change. Only one thing is permanent and that is change. Everything changes except change. To accept this nature of life, to accept that change of existence with all its seasons and moods, that constant flow that does not stand still for a single moment, means to be happy. Nobody can disturb this luck. It is your yearning for consistency that creates problems. If you want to live a life without change, you demand the impossible.


A conscious person is so brave to accept change. This acceptance makes you happy. Then it's alright. Then you are never disappointed.


Osho from No Man is an Island, Talk # 31


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