Daily Message 25 January 2018

The strength of the imagination


Your imagination is stimulated today in a positive way and the day is characterized by phases of dreaminess. Maybe you read fantastic novels, romantic stories or anything that takes you away from the everyday world for a while. Intangible reality is just as important to you today as tangible reality. In conversations with others, you now feel with particular clarity what is happening in your counterpart. Today, try to rely on your inner voice and your feelings. Logical thinking is not your strength today, so tasks that require an alert intellect and close attention are inappropriate.


Optimism and tolerance



Your feelings experience a wedding, and it's unlikely to slow your confidence. Over small weaknesses and mistakes of others you look generously away. They show understanding and helpful, detail problems are unimportant. Nor can anxious and safety-conscious people shake their basic trust. In negotiations, you have a happy hand and convince through loyalty. But be careful: this mood lasts only a short time, and your good relationship with people can change again. Take advantage of the hour without rushing into reckless things.

Your Card of the Day 

The Chariot »


You may feel like sticking close to home today to get on with what you need to do there. The Chariot is a card of "safety", and this is what you need to do in order to be sure.


Love life: This is a great day to spend some time at home with a special someone. So you may feel the warmth of your family's good feelings towards you and all you do for them.


Work life: There is a structure to your life today when it comes to work. If you are faced with a problem that seems too big for you, break it down to smaller tasks and go from there.

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