New Age Bullshit

"Without pain, there is no realization. People do everything, however absurd, not to meet their own souls. One is not enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. "CG Jung


Beware of people who constantly practice light and love rhetoric. They hide something, or even better, they hide from something. As a rule, these people compensate for this. It is rather that they aspire to light and love, hope for it because they need to emphasize what they lack so much. What is good about being in the light, talking about light? What is good about light, if it does not seek the dark places to have the courage to deal with the disturbing truths of human existence. True "lightworkers" show you what is in the dark, the things you are in resistance with.


Nothing of value is discovered in the light. Treasures are found in the dark. The truth is that most people hate true lightworkers because they reveal their bullshit. The light burns them, their rhetoric becomes empty phrases and their fears are exposed. They call themselves lightworkers, but are easily offended and reject all the "negative" in the world, surrounding themselves only with those who join their cult of the positive. They are New Age delusions.


Lightwork has nothing to do with love-and-flower conversations, nothing to do with yoga or vegan feeding, it has to do with meeting the darkness of the world and, above all, one's own. So, if you feed this rhetoric on social media all the time, but only make secure conversations, you just love to get likes and be surrounded by smileys, you have little to no light. Light appears when you do the work by transforming the darkness in you, understanding it and making it conscious. No hippie music, new age bullshit concepts or festivals will do that. You have to have eggs, go into darkness and truly meet you.


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