The red thread of healing

On my way, I encountered countless different techniques, methods and instructions for healing, all of which are very exciting and helpful. But what really moves me deep in my heart is what connects all people who could heal themselves. Is there something like a thread running through all "healing stories"? Yes, it does exist.


The people who could heal themselves have stopped running away from themselves. They had the courage to meet the silence. They had the courage to meet themselves. They have begun to be sincere and uncompromisingly honest with themselves. All men who could heal, have devoted their lives upside down until only that was left of what really and truly agreed with the call of the heart.


These people took responsibility for everything that happened in their lives. Through all the healing pathways that are known to me, the red thread runs like love. The people who could heal themselves have started to love themselves. The path of your healing will begin at the point where you stop asking for a way.


In the course of life, we assume an incredible number of roles. Roles that impose on us other people because they see us like this, or want to see roles that we play to be accepted to and loved. We embrace innumerable opinions, concepts, and beliefs that increasingly prevent us from being what we really are. Each of these roles is like a cloak that we cover. In order to get well, there is no need to learn new things, the only thing we have to do is to gradually shed all these coats. We do not have to do anything, but to recognize and let go of all that we are not, to be authentic, free and blissful again.


Healing happens naturally when we realize who we really are. There is freedom. There is peace. There is THAT we are and always were. A very wise woman recently said to me, "as soon as we know how something works, the magic has gone". How right she is. Let us keep the magic of healing open to all the wonders that life wants to give us in wonderment.



(Nina Konitz)


(Picture: Kristen Marie)

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