Prophetic dreams and "clairvoyance"

Prophetic dreams are dreams that provide accurate information about the future that can not be predicted by logical reasoning. Sometimes they are also referred to as clairvoyant dreams, but strictly speaking, this term is wrong, because clairvoyance means the perception of something at the same time in another place. Looking into the future is much more like so-called precognition. Prophetic dreams are therefore preferred by parapsychologists as precognitive dreams. The vernacular knows them even more as a true dream.


Real and fake prophetic dreams


Strictly speaking, there are two variants of the prophetic dreams. A true prophetic dream draws its information through higher, extra-sensory channels. On the one hand, such a dream belongs to the field of esotericism, but on the other hand, it is equally of interest to scientific parapsychology.


In contrast, in the second variant, the scientifically "fake" prophetic dream, the subconscious already has all the necessary information and perceptions, e.g. through diverse life experiences. It can now draw the right conclusions for the future. A higher, extra-sensory perception is not required. In this kind of divine dream, the subconscious mind simply counts 1 and 1 together, it combines correctly, much like a detective or researcher. The dreamer is not aware that he has all the necessary information, since at least parts were perceived only subliminally.


Forecast the future in the annual horoscope - a comparison



Forecasting the future by means of an annual horoscope is only comparable to a dream space insofar as intuition is used consciously or unconsciously.


Let's make a little detour to the world of astrology and horoscopes for comparison. Not only prophetic dreams look to the future, it also supposedly works by astrology and horoscope, e.g. as an annual horoscope. If you want to predict the future with the horoscope, then that is first of all a rational analysis work. Outer sensory channels are not used. However, intuition is an important helper for any kind of horoscope work. Depending on how one explains intuition, then either a subconscious combination or the unconscious tapping of extrasensory channels plays a role.


Forecasting the future in the form of concrete events with an annual horoscope is usually not possible, even if the astrologer claims. For this it would need at least a simplified question such. the outcome of an already established event with manageable possibilities of exit. The presidential election in the US would be an easy task for the astrologer and his horoscope, because there are only two or three possible winners. Nevertheless, almost all astrologers, for example, mistakenly predicted Bush's defeat in the elections, despite the already 50% statistical strike rate for only two candidates.


However, if the astrologer has intuition that gets quasi stimulation and nutrition from working with the annual horoscope, then a lot more is possible with correct predictions. However, even a good intuition is always clouded by subjective opinions and impressions, no one is a perfect channel for extrasensory information. The same applies to true dreams, here, too, subjective convictions, fears ect play. an influencing role, see below.


How much subjective bias can interfere with the astrological work with the annual horoscope or chart in general, just showed the re-election of Bush: Because of the Iraq war and the unanimous opinion of us, no astrologer could imagine that he would be re-elected. The passable constellation in Bush's chart was then biased "badly seen" and the mediocre constellations of his opponent "nicely seen." In any case, one can not predict the future at the moment, but unfortunately it often happens the same way in prognostic astrology with the annual horoscope.


A prophetic dream is more common as we think 



There are many convincing examples for the  true dreams. A prophetic dream is not a rare exception that would be reserved for the most medially gifted.


Is a prophetic dream actually possible and if so, how? Mostly this question refers to "real" prophetic dreams, not to the subconscious combination. The answer is yes in both cases. There are studies that prove that and there are many examples.


Abraham Lincoln, American president, dreamed his own death in 1865 in the form of an assassination attempt. Unlike the Lincoln dream, the dream interpretation of death almost never means true, physical death. But it was like that with Lincoln. Another prophetic dream is recorded in the Old Testament. Joseph saw in the dream seven good and bad harvest years before and his warning saved the Egyptian people from famine. Major catastrophes are always foreseen by a whole series of people in dreams. For the sinking of the Titanic there are documented cases and also for the terrorist attack of 11 September.


A prophetic dream is not a very rare phenomenon. Who cares about his dreams and often reminds them, will most likely at some point have a real dream. Often as a warning room, that can be mother-in-law or real dangers ...That a prophetic dream is entirely possible has, among other things, to do with the fact that in the astral planes in which we spend the night, time is still linear, but the laws of the time are relaxed. Accordingly, looking forward to the future, but also back to the past is facilitated.


As such prophetic dreams look like?



Prophetic dreams have a variety of appearance possibilities. The symbolic prophetic dream is difficult to distinguish from a normal dream.


Do prophetic dreams show symbolic encryption or do you see "directly" what will happen? Both are possible and also a combination. US President Lincoln asked a soldier in a dream who would be buried there and he replied that the president had fallen victim to an attack. Joseph's dream, on the other hand, was purely symbolic, his dream of thick and lean cows and ears of wheat.


Symbolic prophetic dreams are not so easy to identify as such, for in addition to the correct interpretation, the question remains whether this dream is not in the sense of subjective dreams, a purely subjective inner feeling. Probably after the sinking of the Titanic on subsequent voyages many people have previously dreamed of another catastrophe. But in these cases, the dreams simply reflected the personal, not necessarily justified fear of death and disaster. Fear in the dream usually reflects only unconscious, personal fears.


I count the non-symbolic true dreams to the "real" dream-experiences, which exist beside the symbolic dreams and their normal interpretation. These real dream experiences also include dreams of past lives, ie reincarnation as well as lucid dreams, which are deliberate, controllable lucid dreams.

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