... The dangers of magic ... Paranoia, megalomania, anxiety, loss of reference to reality ..

Many people at the beginning of their journey do not know how dangerous magic can be. Unfortunately, there are few who make it clear to people, what to look for, what the risks are and how they can protect themselves. I would like to make up for it now.


Magic is not a game. In many books this is not clear and even downplayed. Various works contribute to the fact that newcomers to magic are in the position to be able to celebrate rituals already after reading a few books and practicing meditations. That is not one.


Practicing magic carries some dangers. Many of the problems created by magic are often based on ourselves. The magic often acts only as a reinforcing factor, which, e.g. can reveal a mental illness. People who are mentally unstable should therefore refrain from engaging in magic. Magic is not a therapy and is not able to neutralize such "deficits". Magic can show us the hidden corners of our being. These can often be very dark and cruel. But then we have to learn to deal with them and accept them. Then it is necessary to release the blockages and work with the hidden aspects of our soul, so that they do not interfere with the magical work. A stable psyche and a well-balanced self is a prerequisite for practicing magic. Your first steps should therefore be to work on yourself and to explore your being. Believe me, this activity will always accompany you on your way, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker.


It is important to study the basics of magic before venturing out on rituals. During this time, you probably will not gain a deep understanding of the magic and its essence, but you should be able to work out a base. You should certainly master various protective techniques and know that you can rely on your powers. It is important that you are aware of how to behave when a ritual causes unforeseen complications, and even then a ritual is still dangerous. The problem with magic is not whether it works, but that it works.


Magic is not short-lived, it takes a lot of time and patience to walk the path, because there is so much to learn and experience that a whole human life is not enough. So first, create a secure base (basic techniques, basic knowledge) that you can build on later.


Your way is not prescribed. There are no "compulsory subjects". Some people are particularly interested in herbs and their healing effects, others in power animals, others in the knowledge and the magic of trees, and others in other things are completely into ritual magic, etc. There are countless possibilities for what you can do, just go for your own Interests before, try out different and be open to all new.


A short incomplete overview


Paranoia - THE MAIN RISK!


The longer you engage in magic, the more sensitive your perception becomes. Here you will feel the negative energies and vibrations of the people around you more intensely. If you do not learn to handle these energies and seal yourself off, you will eventually become over-sensitive. You will expect a dangerous creature behind each tree, believe that you have been cursed even with a little cold and do not trust anyone anymore. Fear will be your constant companion, until you no longer dare to leave the house.


This occupational disease can also lead to submitting to friends that they abuse or curse their own children, are pedophile, have tried to murder one magically, or have driven demons to one, are alcoholics, etc. Sounds crazy? Everything already experienced. So turn on the brain and do not neglect logical thinking! Always question yourself and your perceptions!


Megalomania & guilt complexes -



In the beginning, especially when you have experienced the first successes, you may feel that you could do anything, that your power is unlimited, and that magic is the key to everything. But at some point you will not be able to do anything with magic and maybe not be able to help your best friend. You will feel guilty and responsible, but you are not. However, magic clearly has its limitations. You are not responsible for everything that happens in the universe. It is important for you to realize that magic is not the solution to everything. Often "normal" activities in "real" life are much more effective.


Loss of grounding -



Some people lose touch with reality, consider themselves sacred and neglect their "normal" life. It is important that your life on the earthly plane is satisfying and fulfilling, because you need it in balance with the magic and in order to keep yourself in balance. Losing your inner balance will hinder your magical work and in extreme cases can be dangerous for you. Regular grounding exercises can also help you to maintain "traction".


Madness -



Some people experience such terrible things in rituals (such as demon summoning) that they then go insane and go to a psychiatric ward. Beings can make you feel terrible, for example, you may feel you have been raped or mistreated. You believe that this has really happened. Such experiences can then accompany and influence you throughout your life.


Anxiety states -



Entities can confront and amplify our hidden feelings of anger, grief, and anxiety. If you do not know how to deal with them, then you will die of your fears. Madness and recurrent anxiety are also consequences.


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