The week of 29.1. - 4.2.2018

This week's focus is on the desire to discuss with others about God and the world. Especially where it comes to opinions, beliefs and world views, questions of faith, ideals and ideologies, lively and sometimes heated debates are possible. If this is done in an open attitude that is ready to face other views without prejudices and blinkers, the conversations and discussions that are taking place in those days can inspire interesting personal reflections and ideas, broaden horizons, and open up new perspectives. In the best case, it is also possible to find higher common goals and visions in negotiations at initially seemingly incompatible positions and to consider cooperation in this regard. However, a tendency towards ideological reasoning and stubborn insistence on one's own opinion can prove problematic. In these cases, instead of an atmosphere of stimulating and enriching impulses, militant slogans or prejudices poison the climate and harden the fronts. It becomes particularly sensitive where opinions, theories and concepts are seen and propagated as truths even when they collide with reality.


According to another analogy, values of all kinds are being put to the test this week. Great expectations and promises could inspire excitement and actual high-altitude flights these days, with the tendency for exaggeration or risky behavior to be great. Gamers can be happy, but they have to be careful that they only play poker as high as their possibilities allow. All others, especially in dealing with finances and contracts advised to caution. Take enough time to find out if what looks promising at first glance, really has a future and if you can deal with any possible disappointment.


The energies of these days are particularly suitable for innovative and creative projects of all kinds. Also, activities based on teamwork or shared visions should benefit from the constellations. Danger threatens where arrogance, dogmatism and arrogance determine the behavior. Take advantage of the many opportunities and ideas that arise, but be careful when it comes to long-term commitment or taking greater risks.


On MONDAY and TUESDAY feelings and emotions of all kinds are in the center of the action. The need for belonging and security is pronounced on these days. At the same time there is tension in the air, so it might not be so easy to relax and find the desired satisfaction and fulfillment. As a result, there is a strong tendency to reflect on familiar, national or family patterns of behavior. Ideally, these two days will provide you with the time to meet people you like, to take care of all the things that will enhance your well-being or to deal with issues related to domestic issues. It becomes tricky where fears, frustrations or unfulfilled needs and expectations are reacted to with emotional outbursts, threats, defiance or refusal. Do not indulge in power struggles and curb any tendency to patronize others or embark on a child role.


From Tuesday evening the mood changes. Liveliness, pleasure and joy of life are back, with a strong desire to be creative in any way. On WEDNESDAY is full moon; it is a (not visible to us) lunar eclipse. If possible, take a moment to deliberately deal with your personal concerns and wishes. At best, it helps you to see more clearly what is really important to you and what is more of an idea or idea of what might be than a real concern. Incidentally, the joy of pleasurable and playful activities on Wednesday and Thursday is great, even a flirtation or an adventure with a light thrill correspond to the energies of those days. The best way to benefit from the constellations is to use these days for creative activities of all kinds.


After two stimulating and enjoyable days, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the sober everyday life and all the existing tasks and necessities will return and demand attention. Ideally, take the opportunity to create order in your life, work or home, to take care of your body's needs or any other trivialities that have been neglected in the past few days. However, secret aspirations and hopes, combined with increased sensitivity, may not make it easy enough to devote themselves to all the things that are awaiting them with some joy and frustration. Especially when something does not go as expected, is therefore expected again and again with some unexpectedly violent reactions. Restrain these days with a tendency to look at oneself and others with all too critical eyes and rant about anything that is not perfect. You will do much better if you succeed in remaining reasonably calm and simply doing the best you can.

On SUNDAY, there is a strong need for contact and exchange. In relationships of all kinds, this day is about clarifying the mutual desires and expectations. Be ready to talk about your own concerns and visions AND those of your counterparts. If you succeed in doing so in an open manner, you can address many unanswered questions and find out in which areas you have things in common that you can build on. Incidentally, the constellations of Sunday are ideal for social and cultural activities of all kinds.




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