The fascination of palm reading accompanies people through many peoples, right back to the biblical age. Reading the future in hand, interpreting the lines of the hand, and recognizing the signs is a little science in itself.


What do the individual lines tell us when we read them?


From antiquity to the present day, people specialize in recognizing life circumstances, attachments and fates in the hand lines. The art of palm reading consists in combining the various recognized characteristics into a whole.


Hands and fingers are built on zones, lines and hills. The head line and the lifeline, the heart and the fate line, but also the sun line and the love lines, Venusring and Raszetten, let the hands speak. The Merkur line and the astrological zodiac assignment, Apolloring and Saturnring and many subtle distinctions, allow specialized palm readers to take a look into the personality of man and his future orientation.



The hand is the key to the ME. You can see the strengths and weaknesses, traits and talents and what challenges you can expect. Each hand is unique and yet you show everyone the same - his personality.


Palm reading - Discover yourself


While gypsies used to travel across the country as traveling folk and practiced palmistry as fortune tellers, there are today, in addition to hobbyists, specially trained chirologists who understand reading from the hand as art and create astonishing analyzes.


But they do not indicate the future as such and certainly not the end of life. They allow energies to speak and collected experiences. But not only the lines, but the nature of the whole hand makes statements. What is behind the finger lengths, the shape and texture of the individual phalanxes or what do the rings on the fingers say? Palm reading is not magic, but a little science in itself.



The hand, the very personal mirror image. Take a look in this mirror and recognize yourself! Let yourself be surprised what your hands have to say.


Chiromancy / Chirimacy


Chiromancy / Chirimacy, Chirognomy and Chirology are commonly used terms, among which the art of palm reading is also known. The term Chiromancy means the divination from the hand.



The shapes of the fingers and hands are examined during the chirognomy. This serves to interpret the character. Chirology interprets the hand lines in terms of character traits and medical situations.

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