The magic of closeness is that we can not make it. When it arises, it always reveals itself as a gift of the moment. If she is there, she is without question. Healing, opening, nourishing.


Closeness is a delicate flower and a shy one often. Her sister is the trust and one is never without the other. Likewise, it is a powerful energy that creates eternities in seconds and directs destinies. Trust gives the soil on which closeness grows and flowers. From their flowers fall seeds, which in turn nourish the trust and prepare the soil for depth.


Only when I'm close to myself can the gift of closeness work through me. Often these are only moments - infinitely valuable, as it were for me and the others. What a precious moment, when two beings are at the same time close to each other, thereby blossoming closeness between them. Sometimes we do not know anything about us, only that we are close - what a deep peace fills us then and we do not have to know each other ... and sometimes we know everything from each other and there arises closeness - what a deep joy we feel then.


Closeness is always a moment of security, of being connected, of being gifted - even if the moment lasts only very briefly. Always accompanied by the gift of trust and yet they are not one. I can give confidence - also consciously. Not close. So I feel it. So I want to get close to myself by trusting myself - so I want to get close to you by giving you confidence. Can there be a bigger gift? It can not be grasped, the closeness and also the trust does not remain by itself; it wants to be given again and again and then prepares the soil, which is so sensitive and needs a careful care and nurture.


I want to learn to be a good gardener and to understand the rhythms of my soul, because I feel trust and closeness are the keys to the gate of my heart garden where love dwells the I AM, where my true home lies.


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Sara Fließ



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