Daily Message 29 January 2018

Search for interesting contacts


In addition to increasing your need for original encounters and your thirst for adventure, today's routine and relationship obligations may be more troublesome today. Claims that are made in a partnership or other connection to you, now entice you very quickly for rebellion and exaggeration. This day will be characterized by a certain inner restlessness, with sudden incidents, the causes of which are not obvious, could disturb the usual processes in your relationship life sensitive.


Longing and desire



Today has a very pleasant character and could give you pleasure and lifestyle. Just be careful if your current need for sensual pleasures is too stormy and wants to reach your desired destination. Are you willing to give yourself, or are you just waiting for your expectations? Then frustration would be inevitable, and the environment would be repellent to you. Your need for entertainment and enjoyment can also make you spend more money than you will later be. Think well, if so much luxury really has to be.

Card of the Day (Major Arcana)

The Empress »


There is a certain amount of give and take that which comes from love. This is the day to pamper yourself.


For love: It's time for you to do better than doing what you always do, which is lavishing care on others. Sit back for a while today and put your feet up and feel the glow of love around you.



For work: The Empress is a card of giving and all too often giving this can be the detriment of your own needs. If you've found this to be the case, then it's time to get back to work.


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