Daily Message 30 January 2018

Immediacy and spontaneity


This is a great opportunity to bring your energy to domestic and family affairs. However, at the moment you are very impulsive, spontaneous and quick and violent in your reactions, so you should strive for a constructive channeling of your energies. Otherwise, disputes, especially in dealing with women, can shape the climate of today. However, it would not be a solution if you are overly in control. Then repressed anger could literally hit you on the stomach. So let it not be allowed to be directed solely by the mind, but to have absolutely irrational impulses.


Confident appearance



Today, you may feel capable of intense mental work and, with energetic energy, can embark on even the most difficult tasks and problems. Your open and confident expression will benefit you during negotiations. In doing so, you understand how to find elegant solutions to obstacles and to enforce your will with conviction. Plans that you make today are more risky than usual because you brave the thought. With this courage, it is also easy for you to come straight to the core problem in disputes. Today is also great for public speaking.

Card of the Day (Major Arcana)

The Fool »


It seems as if you may be striding forward on a new path which is full of optimism and joy. The Fool gives you a sense of freedom and adventure.


Love life: This is a joyful abandonment that will hopefully see a lot of smiles and laughter, not just on your own face, but on other people's as well.


Work life: There's a certain amount of lightheartedness in your work today that will help you easily tackle any tasks that you find to be quite boring or overwhelming.


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