Daily Message 31 January 2018

Learning to enjoy with measure


They are likely to feel an increase in joie de vivre and spontaneity today. They are cheerful, charming and generous, with this generosity linked to an increased need for recognition. At the moment you may also have very high expectations of your caregivers, who may not be able to fulfill them in this form. You also tend to overestimate your own options, so self-discipline is not your strength right now. Beware of too much food and drink and beware of expenses that you would regret afterwards!


Increased but tense attitude to life



Their mental and physical energy levels are very high and it would be wise to actively go into action. You are likely to go into situations that give you an opposite feeling. On the one hand, your mind and intellect clearly see how it is acted and decided, on the other hand, your mind does not want to accept it. Thus, a relationship can have momentary tensions, although you love the person very much, but their behavior makes it difficult for you. By the way in which harmonious or unbalanced encounters occur, you can see the current balance between your thinking and feeling.

Card of the Day (Major Arcana)

Death »


Today it may be more about "off with the old and the new", because the death card means a fresh start. It does not mean you have to throw away all the old stuff, because you can often save something from the past to carry it into your future.


For love: Your relationship may go through some changes that can lead to a transformation. Whether you wish these changes to be positive or negative is in your hands. One thing is for sure, it will not get boring.



For work: There can be some variety today when it comes to work or you have a desire to change your job. Whatever you think should be good for you, as the death card often means change, which usually leads to the better.


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