Daily Message 02. February 2018

Yearnings and disappointments


In romantic dreaminess, you could now stand out from the ground and see your relationships too transfigured. Your imagination is inspiring these days and you may feel artistically inspired. At the same time, you can misunderstand reality, idealize others and have unfulfillable expectations. These inevitably lead to allegations and disappointments. Therefore, try to see those who are near them as they are! Find the necessary distance from your longings and disappointments, you can now show great sympathy.


Understand feelings



Today you come into contact with your own feelings and those of your fellow human beings. Now you have a great need to be emotionally involved through various forms of communication. In doing so, you succeed in communicating your thoughts in an empathetic manner, so that conversations become the complete satisfaction of all involved. With your idiom you can easily win others for your beliefs. It is important, however, that you are honest with your statements, as your listeners would also detect discrepancies. Today also gives you the ability to analyze your own mental state.

Card of the Day (Major Arcana)

Judgement »


If you have to make decisions today, do not jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. The card of judgement means that you have time to choose your next course of action, and that you must weigh the pros and cons first.


Out of love: You may feel that you have to decide if your relationship is good for you. If you are in this predicament, it would be a good idea to take time out of the relationship and spend time alone. This will help you clear your mind and make it easier to see your way forward.



For work: This is not the day you can relax over your work commitments. There are factors at work, whether in your immediate work or beyond your control, that may cause you to see that you are measured by your performance. Take the time to get things right.

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  • #1

    Bryan lilley (Friday, 02 February 2018 21:29)

    Thank for those inspiring words they tend to comfort one in their environment and open ones mind to broader horizons.

  • #2

    Arven (Saturday, 03 February 2018 11:20)

    Thank you for these lovely words Bryan ◦•●◉✿Arven✿◉●•◦