Daily Message 3. February 2018

More openness to new things


Today is a day when you are more willing than usual to tolerate different opinions. You do not feel threatened by other views in your competence. Their need for harmony makes it easier for you to be balancing and to listen to others with pleasure, while learning new and interesting things. Your perspective will be expanded. You may also find the right words today so that you do not appear dominated in representing your opinion. Your fellow human beings experience a sense of acceptance in conversation with you, which facilitates cooperation.


Stoppages in communication are possible



Today, you could often feel excitement if you were to give your thoughts a linguistic expression. Therefore, you are likely to be very reluctant in today's talks, which may leave feelings of dissatisfaction behind. Further correspondence of today would be a strong criticism, but it could also resonate with a slight disapproval in your words, or the verbal possibilities do not seem to satisfy you for what you want to say. In any case, today it is important to pay attention to the flow of conversation and not get stuck in gloomy thoughts.

The Empress


This card represents birth and growth. On the one hand, this can mean that you can break new ground with creativity or create a new idea or actually expect a new relationship or even family offspring. It also points out that the liveliness of all things should be preserved and the need for change recognized. On the other hand, greed could emerge, and arbitrary action or uncontrolled growth would result.


Turning time is good time!


Do not be timid or anxious now, when things change. You do not want to live forever in the same well-worn rhythm, right? You can yawn. At best, you just jump into the cold water and be surprised. You will surely be rewarded for your daring.

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