The healer is a person that should be found everywhere. In short, it is there to help all people who come to her with mental, emotional or physical pain or wounds and to try to heal those wounds and relieve the pain.


In the change of time


Healers have been around since the beginning of humanity. These are often women, but of course also men who have made it their own to closely observe their environment and find out the connection between the various elements in order to exploit their effects. But just as they observe nature and its environment, they also know about man, his sufferings and problems.



Throughout the centuries, oral and written tradition has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about how to treat people with certain physical or mental problems in order to help them heal.


If you want to be very precise, today's doctors and alternative practitioners would also have to be counted among the healers. However, the term healer is more commonly used when dealing with holistic, spiritual, or spiritual healing or the appropriate method. These include, but are not limited to, energy transfer, as found in Reiki, pranic healing and healing, quantum healing, symbol healing, and all forms of spiritual healing. Even discussing warts or shingles falls into this area.


Of course, even a healer can not perform miracles and their techniques and methods should be used as a supportive tool. In case of acute complaints they do not replace a doctor or alternative practitioner. However, a healer can accompany her knowledge to the benefit of the client and thus support him on his path to healing.


Healer with body and soul


Wise women, as the healers today also like to call themselves, are partly responsible. This means that they pass on their knowledge to schoolgirls or show them the way to use in them dormant knowledge. In general, however, there is no training in the traditional sense. For one thing, it has to be "in the blood". On the other hand, there must be a strong desire to completely devote oneself to this task. Because a good healer can only do their job well if they let nothing and anyone prevent them from carrying it out to the best of their knowledge and belief.


Take advantage of this alternative opportunity for your life and discover a whole new world. Benefit from the knowledge of the healer and do yourself something good! Why not go new ways?



Please note - The alternative methods mentioned above do not replace the visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner or any medical treatment or treatment that has already begun. They are only supportive use. For acute complaints always contact a doctor or alternative practitioner!




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