The week of 5. - 11. 2. 2018

Most can look forward to a good week with interesting contacts and new perspectives. The mood is generally open and the willingness to engage in experimentation allows one to explore new, as yet unperceived, areas or venturing something out of the ordinary. Above all, those who have a clear goal and know what is important to them or what they want, can take advantage of the inspiration available at the time, increased self-confidence and increased risk-taking, and on their way to realizing a vision big step forward. However, the trend that is also present in these days could turn out to be more problematic, guided by theories, ideologies or even old ideas about how something would have to be, and hence the concrete personal situation in the present, the possibilities and options associated with it lose out of your eyes. In these cases frustrating experiences and disappointed expectations can be expected.


The constellations are also fitting for the carnival now beginning. The joy of exuberant and eccentric action that prevails these days, the desire for self-expression and the ability to convincingly portray a certain role, allow a lively, almost nocturnal activity. However, the same constellations can also tempt one to make one's own worldview and to credibly represent it with much effort and persuasiveness - regardless of whether it corresponds to reality or not. In both cases, there is a tendency for exaggeration, with some highly problematic consequences.


Much attention should be given these days also leaders of all kinds. These can now excel by their great performances and promises, or by their persuasiveness and their broad knowledge profiled. Particularly in the fields of politics, science, humanism and religion important and probably also sensational developments are possible in this context. Again and again, the question arises as to what is real, real and true; which would be an interesting idea, but a creative possibility, but hardly feasible and what serves above all to pretend to others, to seduce them, to manipulate or to mislead them. In addition to real heroes and inspiring role models, stories are certainly possible that are reminiscent of the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes". In this story, an unbiased child points out that the emperor does not wear any clothes, but is naked. According to another correspondence, it is to be expected that some will behave according to the motto "if not famous, then at least notorious" and will do everything they can to attract attention.


At the individual level, these days, the question may also be asked what has become of visions and options that were current last fall. What did you consider? What could you implement? Where does it take to take a bold step in this regard? You may find that you are on the wrong track, too ambitious or too daring. It is best to drive if you consciously create free space these days that allow you to deviate from the usual routine to follow your creative ideas and impulses.


On MONDAY, the desire for stimulating encounters and intensive exchange is great. If you manage to remain calm even in fierce or heated ideological discussions, provocative questions and remarks, and not become involved in a power struggle, you can gain important insights on this day, or even explore new terrain in a relationship.



On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY the mood becomes emotional. Intense feelings of all kinds are noticeable, the urge for authenticity and the need to get to the bottom of a topic are increasing. Ideally, on both of these days, you can devote yourself to a topic that is close to your heart, that touches you deeply and occupies you. If you are ready to engage honestly and sincerely with a cause or process, you will be able to share your experience. At most, an important decision for your further path will be made. More difficult is a tendency to bite into a fixed idea and to lose sight of everything else.


The processes of TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are likely to continue on THURSDAY MORNING. From THURSDAY NOON, the topics of freedom, justice, truth and faith will gain more attention. On FRIDAY and SATURDay, on the one hand, there is a great yearning for a clear and visionary worldview and a strong need to work for one's own conviction. In the best case, political, religious or philosophical debates are possible on these days, at best, it is possible to gain clarity about the way forward. However, a tendency towards fanaticism, dogmatism or an excessive reaction to a subjectively experienced injustice can prove to be dangerous. At the concrete level, the energies can be used for creative and somewhat "outdated" projects. On the other hand, they are less suitable for activities that require patience, precision, and mindfulness.


On SUNDAY, the concrete reality returns. This creates a field of tension that should not be underestimated. On the one hand, the urge to deal with ideas and ideals and to find the truth is still pronounced and at the same time the need for stability and security is growing. On the other hand, after exploring the world of mind and ideals, it is about landing on the ground of reality. Thus, existing attitudes and fronts could harden, with the danger that, especially where unpleasant truths and consequences become clear, guilty parties and scapegoats are sought. However, the constellations also offer the opportunity to seriously consider the implications of past developments and the upcoming next steps for the implementation of new knowledge. But you can also use the energies to take care of the needs of your body or to organize your home. Furthermore, projects that require focus and discipline can benefit from the energies.

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