Venus Year 2018: Love Energy - Dual Souls ... Twin Flames ... close soulmates

The Venus Year 2018 will be a very special year for love!


Venus becomes our annual reign in March. But anyone who believes that love will bring us everything that we would like to have will probably experience some disappointment. Disappointments often seem so unpleasant, disturbing or even destructive. But exactly this is so incredibly important, so enormously beneficial - if we look behind it.


Looking behind the veil of illusion shows a completely different picture. And if we dedicate ourselves to this Behind lying, really allow it to BE schedule for us. We recognize the illusion, all the stress and pressure we have been subduing for so long, believing we know what "love" is and what we have to do or not do!


This article is primarily addressed to YOU, whose souls are searching for the truth. Especially dual souls, twin flames as well as close soulmates have already experienced many such "deceptions" in the past. Yet many still cling to suffering in a spiral of suffering. That's not because they have not tried everything possible to find a cure. It is often simply because the big, basic picture is not recognized.


If we really understand the whole picture and realize what role we actually play by nature, then everything that once seemed painful disappears. Therefore, this year 2018 will be a really special. Quantum leaps in consciousness can now take place. But this will only succeed if we are really willing to forget everything, what we have ever thought and meant. There are so many innumerable desires, expectations and hopes for what we have been taught to call "love".



Almost all of it is wrong and twisted. Love has such tremendous power, such radiant power, that in its presence, everything becomes visible. Nothing can hide from her. As a result, everything must burn in its fire, what stands in the way of it, the truth and the freedom. After all, love, truth and freedom are one!

True love never nourishes our ego, not our small or big ego desires. Likewise, she also does not pimp up scolded self-esteem. If we expect or dream of THE her, she shows us to our own mistake violently. She confronts us mostly rudely with all the self-deception, the betrayal of our soul, to finally get us awake. But so many people do not realize this yet.


Still they are looking for ways and means to get exactly these wishes and hopes.


All this will fail ... it must fail!


Why does love do that when it seems so painful to us? "That can not be love, if it hurts so much as our world view wants to break," believes the man who still desperately clings to his own hopes and projections. Or else he thinks that he only has to "heal" certain things from sometime sooner and then, yes, then everything would be fine. Well, healing is fundamentally not wrong, of course, as long as a "cure must" does not develop into an infinite loop just because one still does not find oneself in a life with the fulfilled (ego) wishes.



All this happens so that we can finally go on the journey, find our way back to LOVE - back to their True Power!


Why can not this be gentle and loving?


We have become incredibly stubborn and stubborn. We insist so much on being absolutely right with what we expect from life. Aptly expressed: What has persuaded us what we expect from life SHOULD and how we are working towards. We have been incredibly blinded. So many of us actually believe we know how love should show itself and how it should be. Then it takes the reality that wants to bring us back to the carpet.



It takes the reality that makes us feel very hard, how treacherous, hard and unbending WE deal with the true power of love. At the same time we wish the tender, gentle from the love. But how is it to be with us when we act so relentlessly and stubbornly on our soul and everything that is brought to our attention? The tender, gentle, the caring is something that can only be with you when you are ready!


How can we support this?


Basically, we should again bring more confidence to life itself and accept it, even if it sends us something unpleasant. We could become a student of life again. We could stop telling ourselves the same old, familiar things over and over again.


We can learn so much about love again. It's not bartering, falling in love with hands, or Sunday afternoon never ending. But it is not the drama that emerges when the butterflies no longer swirl around in our tummy and we are suddenly confronted with an everyday life that does not seem to fit with what we had hoped for.


No, true love has nothing to do with such messy or distorted ideas.





Love IS life!


Whenever we think that only the meeting of great love could save us, we cherish hopes that must always be smashed to pieces. Only then will we finally awake from this dream - woven of ideas, expectations and (disappointed) hopes. If we allow our lives and love to break, to burn everything to ashes that we once thought would be important, then we have the greatest of opportunities:


To be born again in the truth and finally to be able to clearly see that love is more than a part of us. Everything is woven for love. We had only completely misunderstood everything before.


Love wants to give us new eyes!


For this to happen, it must first of all break everything that stands in the way of knowing the truth.


The truth is: love wants to see you shine to your fullest. She does not want to keep you small with small amenities and short-lived (ego) delights, chasing after her, always looking to toil and suffer (silently, often unnoticed) at the soul. Love is a child of freedom and truth. She can give you everything that is of real importance to your BEING! It can wrap you with so much more than you might want from a single person.



But she also demands a lot from you. She needs your maturity, your courage and your trust, which you should first of all find in YOU.



Love demands clarity and authenticity.


It will claim, attract, educate, and guide us to so much (undiscovered) us to its perfect maturity - and ourselves! Everything that we have held back so far - often enough out of fear of not being accepted - is squeezed out of us until we finally give up our long-standing resistance and finally surrender ourselves to this love and the flow of life.


Thus, in this special year of love, it is primarily about the liberation of love - the liberation of its radiance and the memory of what has long been lost.


In truth there is so much love there - always.


But I am sure that many readers could now ask themselves, where this love should be, of which I speak here. And yes, when we look into this world in a certain way, we see so much hatred, destruction, terror, and most of all, fear.


"Where is the love?", You may ask. We have not lost love. We have forgotten how to recognize them, and when we see them, we dismiss them as something that in our eyes is not love. We should understand where the "disease" comes from: we are so focused on protecting ourselves from fearful things. He who is afraid closes his heart. How does the true love still want to be felt? He who is afraid builds walls around himself so that he does not end up in danger - that's what he means.



But how should love reach him if he has made himself unreachable? Those who want to avoid fear, build protective walls, are very busy to ward off everything. He gets involved in fighting and tries to control. But he loses love like that. How should she talk to a closed person? He does not hear her, ignores her voice, cuts her off. How is she supposed to explain to a person something about himself and life when he insists so much that the world is a bad place and wants him to do evil?


People which afraid, control.


Inwardly, they are so strongly distanced from their own love and their great power that they are hurt again and again. Her worldview, built of fear and conflict, manifests itself in her life over and over again. Injured people also hurt others because they do not know anything else. They do not even know how it could be any different.



For these reasons, in these matters we simply can not believe our mind (ego)! He is overflowing with all this scared garbage. He just keeps getting the same thing out anyway.


Now, considering all of these important factors, does it make any sense for you to chase after "love" or to keep looking for it while we simply can not recognize it? Would not it make more sense to finally stop and deal with what we do every day What do we sustain ourselves every day, because we do not want to recognize our own fear and certainly do not want to admit it? For the sake of our SELF, do not we prefer to begin to reconcile ourselves in ourselves and with ourselves, and also to restore our connection to our deep love?



Would not it be wise to heal the old wounds and pains step by step, to redeem ourselves instead of hoping for a savior in the outside world or a specific event (which has never happened before)? Would not it be time to seriously deal with your own protective walls, so that love ever again gets a chance to be recognized and accepted by you?


In fact, true love is part of us - more than that, we ARE love. In truth, it is impossible to separate ourselves from it. Just because they exist gives us. Only this limited, perplexed, fear-driven thinking has spread like a plague in the collective. And now it's up to you alone!




The time is right to decide you!


Are you willing to step down from this general pull of fear-mongering, blaming, and refusal to take real responsibility (for YOU and your relationship with your true core)? The time of taking back has expired.


Love, too, will show us very clearly where we want to betray ourselves and simply refuse to accept our greatness. Therefore, we can expect special challenges everywhere, where we like to keep this away. So that we are not just too far away from our old environment, just do not attract attention to unpleasant, just do not risk anything, just do not touch anything that could ignite our fear


But what are you really there for? Are you there to subordinate oneself to others and to what they were taught to believe? Are you here to think small of your wonderful, unlimited, inner mind, not wanting to recognize it in the least (because the others could otherwise talk, scare you or threaten you)? Or will you go YOUR way and leave the beaten track?


You will find the support you need!



Life alone takes care of us!

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