For the sake of understanding, I often use the term "higher self" because it is a concept that people already know. It is our true self who we are when we are free from fears, judgments and ego. It is our connection to the source, freedom and boundless joy. So, why should I say that there is no such thing as a "higher self"?


Well, the problem comes from the word 'higher'. It creates the idea that our real self is somewhere above us. It creates this higher self / lower self duality and puts a gap between the two. When you say, "I want to connect with my higher self," who is the 'I' who expresses that desire? Unconsciously we declare ourselves to the "lower self", also known as ego.


However, I do not want to say that anyone who uses the term 'higher self' is wrong. Part of the problem in this dualistic language is that it is very difficult (actually impossible) to describe the reality absolutely. I too will probably continue to use the term "Higher Self," but it is important to understand the subtle illusions contained in this concept (model).


The Higher Self is the real thing about us, not higher, not somewhere out there, but hidden deep within us. That is why it is so important to recognize and peel all layers of ego. It is our self-judgments, all our limiting thoughts that are constantly trying to live up to other standards, and our lack of self-love, which is why our true selves are prevented from appearing. I guarantee that the true self is beautiful and the beauty lies in our uniqueness. Only by adapting to the ego and resulting self-loathing, ugliness is created.


People talk about the "higher self" as if it were a separate being, being just more of us than the ego. This is one of the most important paradigm shifts, because it is not about "the lower self and the higher self," but the mask of the ego and the self. This "divine" spark consciousness in the middle of our being is not there by accident.


The step into our "higher self" does not happen suddenly but is subject to a process. In fact, almost everyone has gone back and forth many times in their lives. Moments of true passion, serenity, wonder, and intuitive flow happen when we stay in touch with our authentic "Higher Self." The key is consciousness, awareness of when to feed our ego, and when to be ourselves.


I wish I could give you 5 simple steps, but I do not know what it means to be you, I just know how I am.


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