Daily Message 9. February 2018

Many small, irritating incidents could disrupt today's course of the day, and you are no longer able to do things that you have set out to do in compliance. It could also easily happen that more thoughts and ideas rush through your head than you can utter. But because of the speed of today's events, you could make mistakes in your thinking, the consequences of which you can not yet estimate. So it will be important to avoid unnecessary hassle, annoying conversations, rash judgments and impulsive movements. Even work that requires concentration is unsuitable today.


They do not want to be content with the outward appearances of things, but want to know what is hidden underneath and behind them. In conversations and discussions, however, you could even go too far and represent fixed ideas that almost impose on your fellow human beings. It would also be possible for other people to do the same to you. In any case, experiences of this kind will leave no deep satisfaction, since it is less about the matter itself than about the satisfaction of certain power needs. However, by turning the current energy inward, you can bring hidden mechanisms to light.

Tarot Card of the Day

Nine of Wands


Finding the Strength Within


You may find yourself having to rise up and meet a challenge that uses every last ounce of strength and fortitude you have at your disposal.


The Nine of Wands can represent a test from the Universe that comes when you least expect it. It can manifest as a challenge that arises after you've given what feels like your ALL and are now looking forward to a period of smooth sailing. This card can have you feeling like you're at the end of your rope, with so many concerns looming overhead and so little gumption left with which to tackle them.


You may feel like you've been beaten down by anxieties that have taken on a life of their own, or you may have run into a detour that has turned into an insurmountable roadblock. But if you look at the imagery in this card, you can see that you really are almost to the finish line. You may have to dig deep to get there, but not getting there should be completely out of the question.


Take some time to gather your strength and get your bearings if you can before you proceed. If you focus on your destination and keep your eye on the prize you'll see that it's much closer than you realized. You may have this one last hurdle to overcome and you may have to accept that it's too late to turn back anyway.


The Nine of Wands asserts that while things may not be easy — and while there are bound to be more challenges ahead — it's hardly time to throw in the towel. You need only think about how far you've come (and how much you've already accomplished) to find the motivation to push ahead.


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