Jump into the flow of life and say YES!Flow effortlessly and gloriously - say YES to the river! YES, to the rapids!YES, to the dark mysterious water. YES, to the pools and YES to the beauty! YES, to the sharp jagged rocks that sometimes can cut and maim! YES, to the shallows where we sometimes get stuck! YES, to the strange currents and vortices that take us to unknown parts of the river without us understanding why! YES to the landscape, which is constantly changing. YES to everything, as we continue on our way, driven by a greater force than we can ever hope to understand! YES to everything!


You can not walk in the same river twice!


Comfort is the enemy of change. Why change when things are nice and comfortable? But life knows how to make us change if we get stuck in a rut or move. Discomfort, tragedy, illness and misfortune, though always unpleasant, are all wonderful sources of change and movement. If we do not make the changes that are needed in our lives, it makes life for us.



But when you understand the nature of reality, it becomes very obvious that change is the only constant. Everything is about to become something else. The seasons flow from summer to fall to winter to spring . The tides ebb and flow; the cycles of the moon - increasing and decreasing; the cells in our body change and recover. The circumstances we meet each day are different from those that existed before.



Look closely at life and you will find that it is in constant change. Nothing is the same - all life is movement and change. Your friends are changing, your faith is changing, your values are changing, your marriage is changing, children are growing up, parents are getting older. It is the cosmic dance of change and movement, and the understanding that the nature of our reality can help us to be more in tune with the process.



Forget stability; that is a mirage! It is better to actively participate in the river and change; do not fight it - embrace it! It's easier than flowing against the flow of life . Say yes! Life always flows forward, and with it constant change.


We can make any changes we want in our lives. Life likes changes. Life is change. There is a new beginning, a rebirth, a renaissance when we change habits, beliefs and intentions. A renaissance within it simply means changing our priorities. What was important once becomes unimportant. What was irrelevant is urgent. What has been ignored now gets the most attention. This shift in priorities generates surprising changes, inside and out.



We need to change our patterns of reacting to experience. Because our problems are not in what we experience, but in the attitude we have. Do not go into denial, say YES to life!








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