The sense of life

If there is one single question that is considered the ultimate philosophical question, then it is the question of the meaning of life! The answer is that the purpose of your life is the meaning you give, consisting of identifications and the pursuit of endeavors that match your talents and interests, along with the relationships that you form in the process.


First and foremost, good relationships give meaning to life; as well as the pursuit of worthwhile goals; Enjoyment and pleasure; this also applies to the respect and friendship that is given and received in the course of the effort. Life can therefore be very rich in meaning, and not infrequently it is so.


There is no single thing that includes the meaning of life for everyone. People are different, life is varied, circumstances are different; There are many ways that life can be good, flourishing and meaningful, just as there are many causes of misery and failure, despair and tragedy. Happiness and things beyond the control of each individual have their place to determine the character of a life, and all lives encounter difficulties.


Those who think that there is one thing that is everyone's purpose in life are usually the suppliers of an ideology or religion that claims to know what that unit size is, and of course they want to force everyone into the same form no matter what how their individual starting form could be. Of course, many people like others to think for them and, accordingly, want others to tell them what is valuable and how they should live.


The British philosopher Bertrand Russell said of his time: "Most people would rather die than think, and most people do too!" They want to go into the supermarket of ideas and get a frozen, pre-cooked package of faith - without effort and immediately for consumption ready. As long as they do not think further, they could do that; although it is not uncommon for people to become restless after a while and use energy to doubt their thoughts.


One thing is for sure, to tell people that the meaning of life is what they make of it, which seems unhelpful. The poet and writer George Meredith said: "Ah, what dusty answer will come from the soul when it comes to safety in our lives!"



But we are hot to know and appreciate what really makes sense. To say that meaning is made, not given, and that it is as different as the individuals who are willing to do this, is the meaning of hard work, not least because the business is seriously thinking about what is good and what is valuable, what your own talents are for the good and what you should do with them, that's what people do not want to do !!


They want the wise men, the poets or the priests to tell them about it. And when they are told that it is love or work, these generalities seem as vague as the formula: "The purpose of your life is what you make of it."


But note the interesting nuances that come when you finally accept the challenge to think for yourself what makes your life meaningful! So the real question is not "what is the meaning of life?", But "what is the meaning or meaning of life that I derive from my relationships, my goals and efforts, my talents, my various actions and interests, my hopes and create or create my desires for my life? "Trying to respond is itself part of the meaning of life.


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