The week of 12. - 18. 2. 2018

The constellations of this week emphasize imagination and creativity in every way. Great ideas or visionary projects can inspire and there is no shortage of idealism and the willingness to work for others or a humanistic cause. At best, the energies can spur heroic or extraordinary creative action and allow mental flights of fancy. However, the great openness to inspirations of every kind, combined with a tendency towards credulity or naïve trust, also poses a certain danger of succumbing to tricks and deceptions, becoming entangled in mysterious and unclear projects, or being consumed in a worldly and unrealistic idea. However, those who are artistically or creatively engaged in any way can benefit from the constellations. For successful long-term action, however, it is important to keep a tendency in check, to let oneself be seduced to a little rational behavior and thereby to lose sight of the concrete reality.


Therefore, look for ways to differentiate between visions and illusions, between consciously chosen risks and blind trust, between prejudice or preconceived ideas and real reality. It is best to go if you have a clear point of view on a topic and a good inner sense for right and wrong, but at the same time willing to consider other and unfamiliar perspectives. It becomes tricky when you lose the connection to yourself or to reality or to disappointed expectations, resp. the impression of being lied to and deceived, reacting with anger and revenge. In such cases, extreme and sometimes threatening situations are possible. If you are disappointed or have other frustrating experiences these days, you can also use them to clarify your situation and previous course. This allows you to draw the necessary conclusions and reposition yourself.


At the concrete level these days, inter alia, the following topics should receive more attention: environment and climate, migration, human rights, religion and science, intellectual property, information handling and media. In these areas there can be more tensions and conflicts. Often it may be about different worldviews, ideologies and beliefs, but also about very specific (unconscious) expectations and fears, in other cases, old, unfinished stories and happenings could play an important role. It is possible that events, experiences and processes that were already current in January and August 2017, now demand attention again and in this context further developments are set in motion. All these concerns are about seeing things in a new light. At best, lessons can be learned from past mistakes and contaminated sites cleared, opening the way for new opportunities. It becomes tricky, where stubborn and with a certain arrogance to the old is held, where theories and ideologies drown out the voice of the heart.


On Monday and Tuesday, there is an urge to do and to do something, as well as the need for control and order. However, especially on Tuesday, there is also an increasing impatience and a strong need to break out of everything that is going on. On the one hand, these days make it easy to focus on something specific, and there is no lack of the strength needed to complete challenging tasks. On the other hand, there is also the tendency to either bite into something or then to rebel against everything that is, and then blindly get involved in a power struggle for all kinds of consequences. Ideally, there is a project in your life that is close to your heart. Then you can use the constellations to make a breakthrough or take an important step forward. The energies are also suitable for tasks and activities that require a lot of discipline and attention, or they can be used to create order or clarity (to eliminate an Augiastall). But do not let yourself be provoked or seduced by something that you will regret later.


Already on Tuesday afternoon, the mood changes. Ideas and ideals of all kinds become more important and the need to communicate with others grows. Wednesday and Thursday are then all about the topics described above. There is no shortage of inspiration and the desire to devote oneself to an idealistic or ideological project with like-minded people is great. In the best case, you can use the constellations to collect as many different views and ideas as possible on a topic and to make a kind of location assessment. However, wait a while before making definite conclusions or making decisions. These days are only tricky if you - perhaps without being aware of it - stubbornly stick to a fixed idea. Also, restrain any tendency to meet others and their opinions in a detached and overbearing attitude. On Thursday evening a partial solar eclipse takes place. It is therefore conceivable that seemingly trivial events and insights will set in motion a long-term important process on this day. At best, events and findings from the second half of August 2017 play a not insignificant role in this context. If you stay with yourself, hear the voice in your heart, and you are faithful to it, you can give even that day an important boost to your life.


Friday and Saturday will be another change of mood. Sensitivity and tangibility are growing significantly, and connected with this is a strong need for connectedness, love and beauty. Ideally, on these days you have the opportunity to devote to topics that touch you in the heart. Artistic and musical activities are just as suitable as spiritual ones. But also spending time in nature or a romantic love experience are possible experiences that correspond to the energies of those days. The increased willingness to lose sight of oneself or one's own intentions, or being overwhelmed by the feelings of others, can be problematic. But it is also conceivable that hopes will be disappointed on these days or that an acute crisis will make a misjudgment clear. If you find yourself in such a situation, go well if, instead of reacting immediately, you stop first. This will give you time to gain clarity.


Sunday brings a mixed program. On the one hand, sensitivity and vulnerability continue to increase that day. It's easy to empathize and make visionary experiences, but it's also easy to digress and lose yourself in dreams or fantasies. At the same time, there is an increasing urge in the afternoon to take action and do something. Ideally, on this day, you have the opportunity to venture into other worlds and dimensions in a good and inspiring way, to unwind or to do something that stimulates your imagination. But be careful not to lose the ground under your feet.


☜ Arven ☞ 


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