Solar Eclipse 15.02.2018

Optimism and speculative thoughts


The first eclipse period of the year characterizes this week and the time beyond. It takes place on the enterprising Leo Aquarius axis and generates an euphoria bordering on optimism with regard to new projects and future possibilities. Also contributing to this are Mercury, which feels well in the Aquarius sign, and Jupiter, who is bursting with confidence and who heats the planets of darkness. The result is a cocktail that particularly benefits the digital industry, which literally explodes. Everything that plays in the virtual world now takes off.


The severity of the Steinbock sign, which can still be felt in mid-January, has been swept away. But is everything really different or have we just changed the glasses? Those who are well anchored will take advantage of the hour to be inspired by new, promising ideas without losing their grip. The same applies to our contacts, which can be enormously stimulating. Not for nothing do the characters Leo have to do with stage-ready self-portrayal and Aquarius with friendships and networks.


A rapidly changing world


The enormous acceleration that takes place in these days, but can also overwhelm us. We do not all feel high-flyers, and while our world is changing fast, most of us still have the same needs and feelings. While it may be good to be encouraged to come up with new ideas and concepts, everyday life continues to take its toll, and we need our bodies to last, transport to work, relationships to last, and we can pay the rent at the end of the month ,


The discipline and perseverance, which the planet Saturn conveys in its own sign Capricorn, still help us. It causes us, especially in times of great temptations and difficult risks, to distinguish the essential from the insignificant and to remain firmly anchored on the ground. We get an impression of this quality from Sunday to Tuesday, when with the moon in the Steinbockzeichen our feelings are directed on first topics.


Back to the roots?


Does this mean that the recipe is "back to the old"? It is not that easy. Astrologically, this old one does not exist anymore. The constellations are constantly changing, and the simultaneous presence of the overthrow factors Lilith and Pluto in Capricorn indicates that we are in a phase of great change not only now, but also for the next two to three years. At the same time, Lilith ensures that female values of quality of life and deceleration become more important again until August. This is a counter-program to the one currently being unwound in a late riot of patriarchal values. If there is a return, then this does not lead to the old, but - if so - to "the roots", from which alternatives to the world today can be derived.


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