Welcome to the Age of Deception!

What does it mean to be "real / genuine"? Of course, one definition is to live in reality beyond the matrix, beyond the illusory attachment. But there is another, more down-to-earth path to real meaning, and this is living and acting according to your present state of consciousness. That Do not be fooled, do not pretend to be "awake" than you really are. Assumption is a big obstacle on your way. Honesty is important.


Too often I see this bias as people talk and teach about universal consciousness, love, forgiveness, enlightenment, non-judgment, compassion, and brotherhood. They talk as if they really knew what they were talking about, as if they really understood what they were teaching. I see many "open mind" people who are not so "open", but still "closed". They speak in flowery words to convince everyone that they have arrived.


And many of them are artificially living their lives from these platforms. But let's look at a few of those swanky states of mind.


We are one!


Certain people may spread the message of universal consciousness - we are all one - as if they were certain about it. And they are very eager to convince others to live from this artificial state of consciousness. Let me ask you, what advantage does it bring in this world to live from this artificially created state of consciousness? Why would anyone think that by pretending to be something that is not the case, it would be a good thing? That's presumptuous, it's a fake, and it's delusional! It is similar to the belief that you are a superman. Do not jump from a building in your delusions of grandeur ..


In other words, that's not real. It is delusional. So, we have these spiritual wannabes running around, thinking in delusion that they are universal consciousness. It's just a belief, and faith means chains that bind us to a mental construct of the matrix. It does not have the least value. It's better to be genuine and honest.




Oh yes, there is still love. "Love will save us all!" Even in front of new-fangled "science gurus", who like to present themselves barefoot in their videos and all in white, this virus does not seem to stop. They have no idea what they are talking about! So many people jump over the jump rope and hand in hand, pretending to love all people, even unconditional love is mentioned - oh, of course, except the evil cabal, the reptiles and the guy who chews with his girlfriend. For real?


In your present state of consciousness, there are people who just do not deserve to receive your love, so why should you give them freely? Maybe someone is in the process of ripping off your money, or a married family parasite would like to bring you your rightful inheritance. Are you going to give it to him and tell him how much you love Him? Yes, you would encourage him to steal more. Do you realize how life in a pretended world of artificial belief is not genuine and has no value?


Unconditional love is something that needs to be experienced in order to understand it. You can not just believe that it is true. You have to have a direct experience of it, otherwise it's not real. It becomes an artificial state of mind, and life in such a lie has its consequences. You can not live on a platform of unconditional love if you have never realized it. That's how you block them! Yet, is unconditional love ever to be found or experienced in this world, a world of causality and duality, or is it something that actually and only really awaits us after we have completed our journey? The answer should be clear!


Do not judge!


Well, without the right ingenuity, you're going to be fooled every time. You will believe it. If you are not an awakened person (cosmic man), and you do not judge others, then set yourself up to be deceived. And the scammers will love you for having this philosophy because they can get away with their nonsense!


So that's a dilemma. So many people pretend to be enlightened, they talk about an overbearing platform, and so many people listening to them are drinking it out because of their own insecurity.


It's much better to be real. Be who you are now and here. Speak from your personal experience. You will not use the flowery words, the fictional poems, and not roll your eyes in fake ecstasy - not many book sales, less followers, not pretentious .. but just real! If you live in such justice, do not set up roadblocks on your journey to awakening. Demanding minds are powerful chains that bind us to the illusion.


Speaking from an honest platform has the power to break the chains of delusions. If you speak challenging, with many titles, you may get a bigger fanbase, as big egos attract other egos, but such conversations can never break chains, instead they bind tighter. So whole new communities are bound in chains and deceptions that believe they are spiritual. Welcome to the Age of Deception!



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