Daily Message 14. February 2018

The following time seems pretty easy at first. Nevertheless, there can be some complications. There is a big discrepancy between your emotional expectations regarding the outside world and the real situation in which you find yourself. Their perspective is influenced by dreams and do not want to bother with the uninteresting problems of everyday life. This will make you feel more generous and independent than you really are, but reality will catch you up and take you to the limits of what is possible. An imposing appearance without proper foundation at most causes, that one does not take you seriously.


You will notice that today a feeling of dissolution creeps in. Tasks that were done powerfully until then, you are suddenly indecisive and listless. Give yourselves a break, and above all, make no important decisions, because your sense of reality is too much shaped by dream ideas and illusions. It may also be that people are now asking you for help and support. You should consider carefully whether it is right to fulfill these requests, because they can be there for others, but they should not be exploited.

Card of the Day

Five of Pentacles



Learning to Value Yourself 


The Five of Pentacles indicates a need to rethink what you value, especially when it comes to your own sense of worth or self-esteem. The Five of Pentacles can mark a period of financial adversity, such as seeing your earnings held up or your resources dwindling as a result of unexpected expenses.


You may have overextended yourself, or had problems staying within your budget. Or you may have spent so freely on others that you find you have nothing left for yourself.


As Pentacles are linked to “values," we most often think of money. But they also relate to how you feel about yourself, as in you own self-worth. And let's face it, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you're struggling - financially or otherwise. In this respect the Five of Pentacles can also refer to feelings of loneliness or isolation. You may be feeling unworthy, unsupported or left out.


It doesn't have to manifest in a big way. It can be as simple as being dismissed or overlooked — a minor affront that in the harsh light of day takes on a life of its own. It's an unkind word, a careless remark, a lack of consideration or a call that doesn't come. Something that makes you feel small, dejected or demoralized. There can be feelings of shame and embarrassment — or a fear of being rejected — associated with reaching out for help.


You may feel vulnerable and exposed under your current circumstances. You may be afraid to ask for help, especially if you're sensitive to being watched or judged. The message here though is to overcome those fears — to reach out for help when you need it, without fear of reprisal. The Five of Pentacles reminds us that sometimes we all need a little help and that help is always nearby. Don't let your worries turn into self-fulfilling prophecies; turn them instead into the motivation that gets you moving forward again, and gets you back on the right path.



We can't any of us make it through this world alone. This card is all about reminding ourselves that there is help if we are willing to ask for it, and in doing so we'll come out stronger in the end.



☜ Arven ☞ 


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